Serco - A Truly Global Service Company

An international service company that improves the quality and efficiency of essential services that matter to millions of people around the world.

About Serco, an international service company

Serco is a FTSE100 international service company, with a turnover of more than £4.5bn and nearly 50 years of experience helping organisations achieve their goals by improving productivity and service quality and by supporting them through times of change.

Serco delivers services for national and local governments covering health, education, transport, science and defence, while our private sector customers are industry-leading organisations in a number of sectors including retail, travel, automotive, insurance, finance, banking and media.

As a truly global service company, we have more than 100,000 employees delivering a wide range of services to government and private organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide, helping them to deliver efficient and high quality services by managing their people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

Serco's new global BPO business

Serco's customers around the world are increasingly looking for more end-to-end services that combine frontline capabilities with middle and back office operations, helping them to drive more efficiency and better quality services.

As one of the world's largest service providers, with a matchless breadth of capability, Serco is able to deliver world-class solutions tailored to the needs of every customer.

To focus our BPO offering we have combined all our outsourcing capabilities to create a new global business, which is uniquely placed to deliver cutting-edge business services and set ever higher standards in the markets we serve.

Serco Global Services brings together all of Serco's contact centre, customer services, middle and back office skills. The new global business will improve the services that Serco provides to customers, allowing us to provide broader end-to-end BPO services to both public and private sector organisations.

The creation of the global BPO business follows the expansion of Serco's BPO offering through a series of acquisitions, including market-leading, pure-play outsourcing vendor Intelenet, specialist contact centre and customer service providers The Listening Company in the UK and Excelior in Australia, and Vertex's UK public sector BPO operations

A unique service offering

The acquisition of these companies, combined with Serco's existing BPO and world class frontline service capabilities, set us apart from other BPO providers. We have an industrialised processing capability, two companies with fantastic customer intimacy, and specialists in high quality BPO services to UK local and central government.

By adding these capabilities to Serco's traditional business, an organisation trusted by our customers around the world to deliver essential frontline services for more than 50 years, we have created a unique proposition which will add value to our customers by helping them deliver ever-greater service to their own customers.

Today, Serco's new global BPO business is addressing hundreds of customers' business services needs across a range of functions, including HR, finance and accounting, procurement and customer services. More than 50,000 employees are engaged with our customers' customers every day, holding more than 90 million interactions in 20 languages around the globe.

And every day, our people prove time and again that their expertise and intimate knowledge of our customers' markets, supported by best practice processes and technologies, helps them to exceed every expectation.

Industry specific solutions

With experience spanning a number of decades, our solutions are industry-specific. So, whether it is a bank with a requirement to improve the quality of its mortgage portfolio, a city council with a need to better its local services, an airline with a need to reduce overall cost of operations, or handling large workforce transfers and managing confidential data, we build customised solutions assisted by industry subject matter experts. These experts span banking and financial services, insurance, hospitality, telecom, retail, travel, automotive, local and central government verticals.

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