Free Taster Sessions of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® From SEVEN

Thursday, May 26, 2011 by Seven Collaborative Solutions

SEVEN have recently begun working as partners with the world famous FranklinCovey organisation and are now accredited to deliver their life changing Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® signature programme.

This programme focuses on fundamentally increasing effectiveness by challenging and changing the way you think and behave, both on an individual and organisational level. Unlocking the key to effectiveness lies in identifying the habits that determine character and culture. It is these habits that play a powerful role in the way you behave and interact with the world around you.

SEVEN are delighted to offer free two-hour taster sessions that provide an opportunity to evaluate the full Seven Habits signature programme by looking at a snapshot of the key elements contained within the full three day programme.

Sharon Burton, lead trainer at SEVEN said, "these taster sessions will allow you to understand the potential of what the full programme can deliver. The Seven Habits programme includes powerful tools and assessments that allow you to measure your own levels of effectiveness and then adopt these principles into everyday application. We highly recommend them."

Programme of events:

Three sessions are already planned at the SEVEN offices in Solihull, and there are a few places still available:

  • Monday 6th June, 9:30am
  • Monday 6th June, 1:30pm
  • Wednesday 22nd June, 9:30am

Alternatively, if there are a group of people in your organisation or area that want to take part, we can fix new dates around you and, if necessary, travel to your location.

If you are interested in attending either a taster session or the full three day programme please contact Ian Bennett or Sharon Burton using the contact us.