Improving Performance Through a Shared Business Model

19 February 2008

Many CEOs of major companies today face some if not all of the challenges described here.

A concept we at Senn-Delaney Leadership call a 'shared business model' addresses these issues. Much more than shared services, it is an operating model and a mindset that is being used by more and more organisations. The model is a synergistic, collaborative approach to leverage people, knowledge, leadership and resources across the organisation to ensure that each piece of the business contributes to system-wide value.

To get a better perspective on how the shared business model has been successfully implemented, Senn-Delaney conducted a series of interviews with four highly regarded CEOs. In this round table, they discuss the challenges and successes of their operational restructuring efforts and the lessons they learned so far on their continuing journeys. They also offer interesting and candid insights for other leaders considering implementing a shared business model.

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  • Improving Performance Through a Shared Business Model