Rising Stars

22 September 2007

Hope Davis of London's Cass Business School presents the Cass top 50 up-and-coming CEOs.

Exclusive to CEO and sponsored by Borderless Executive Search, her research reveals that China's rising stars are dominating the rankings. Young Chinese CEOs occupy eight of the top ten positions and hold 37 of the top 50 places.

So is this a trend that the more cautious West needs to catch up with? Why are Indian companies not making a similar dent on the list and how have the rising stars from our 2006 top 50 fared 12 months on? Steve Coomber investigates further in the Enter the Dragons article.


To devise this list, Hope Davis looked at the 52-week return on company share prices across major world markets and adjusted those returns to account for local market movements.

She tracked down the ages of 1,450 CEOs listed on the major world stock indices, discovering that the average age of a CEO across the world is 55 and the most common is 58. The top performing CEOs under 45 years old were those who managed to outperform their local market by an impressive amount.

It is also worth noting that the Chinese companies listed are those that appear on the Shanghai Stock Exchanges SSE180 index. The managers of these companies were much younger than those on the much more established Hong Kong Hang Seng index.

To view the Cass top 50 up-and-coming CEOs please click here.