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Tuesday, February 04, 2014 by Aargau Services

It all started with an immersion heater. Today, STIEBEL ELTRON is one of the world's technology and market leaders in building technology and renewable energies. Thanks to Switzerland too, says Paul Stalder, CEO of STIEBEL ELTRON AG, the main subsidiary of the German company.

You have recently opened the ENERGY CAMPUS here in Lupfig. An architecturally exciting building and yet still built according to the Minergie P (Swiss sustainability label for buildings with low energy consumption) construction method. Why have you made so much effort?

We are the first choice for energy-saving systems in building technology. This is because we build and maintain buildings according to energy saving principles. To my knowledge, our building is the first commercial building in the canton of Aargau with a warehouse that has managed to achieve Minergie P standards. This makes us proud, but it is also a question of credibility for us.

You do not just have the latest and best energy equipment, but you have also incorporated natural building materials, such as the warehouse made of wood. Was this just for PR or does it make sense for other reasons?

It has nothing to do with PR. The indoor climate is much better in a hall made of wood than in a cheaper industrial building. We also felt the choice of colour and lighting was important in terms of the impact on energy efficiency and aesthetics. Yes, it comes at a price, but it is paying off - the operating environment is healthier in all aspects.

STIEBEL ELTRON AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its German parent company and is purely a sales company with customer service. How important is the operation in Lupfig for the entire company?

We are the largest subsidiary and have an interesting history. The heat pumps will be the biggest mainstays of the company in the near future. This is also due to the Swiss market - heat pumps have always been in high demand here and Switzerland has played a pioneering role in this area. The whole company can benefit from this now.

What other areas are important?

Renewable energy, so our range also includes solar thermal and photovoltaic energies. Unfortunately, the conversion of solar energy and light is not efficient enough yet. We clearly have to work on increasing the storage potential for energy.

Who are your customers?

Broadly speaking, we act as a hub between end-customer, heating technology, sanitary engineering, ventilation technology and electrics. We offer holistic system solutions with our modern equipment. In terms of the new generation, there is also software that enables the heat pump system to be controlled via the internet. If the customer so wishes, customer service can remotely pre-analyse malfunctions to support the customer.

Why did you move from the canton of Basel-Landschaft to Aargau?

Here in Lupfig, land was offered to us, which is very well located in terms of transport links and gave us the opportunity to realise the idea of our ENERGY CAMPUS. We purchased the land undeveloped and planned construction in close consultation with the authorities. We were very well regarded and received, and were given all the necessary support.

And the employees followed you here?

Yes, in the main, they did so happily. There are no congested traffic junctions on the journey - that was really well received.


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