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Rotterdam School Of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), has been a leader in managerial development in the Benelux region for over 40 years. Our track record speaks for itself as our approach delivers the best results.

RSM offers a range of different services, each having the potential to transform your company's performance. Our services offer the opportunity for you to change the leadership culture of your company, integrate your talent management activities, or develop your managers' business acumen, strategic thinking and people management skills.

Business expertise for individual or organisational growth

RSM works with some of the world's largest companies to provide a range of services each designed to facilitate individual or organisational growth.

  • RSM In-company: custom-made programmes for organisational development
    RSM's in-company programmes are custom-made for your organisation by experienced learning specialists. All programmes are developed through comprehensive consultation to deliver precise results. Solutions range from one-day workshops to fully-accredited in-company masters.
  • RSM Open: flexible management programmes
    RSM's open programmes address specific business or organisational knowledge areas and are available for managers at all stages in their career. This is a flexible development option, aiming to deepen knowledge or sharpen professional skills.
  • RSM Consulting: expert management advice
    RSM consulting gives companies access to expert advice and consultancy from some of Europe's leading management thinkers, with a significant impact on organisational effectiveness and performance.
  • RSM Speakers: access to expert speakers for your company event
    RSM enables your company to locate an internationally renowned RSM expert for a company event, who can share the latest insights on any number of contemporary issues.
  • Business events and conferences
    RSM's events bring together the brightest minds within academia and industry to present business professionals with ideas, insights and strategies on the most pressing organisational issues. Events include HR networking events, leadership conferences and international business congresses.

Business and management development expertise At RSM, your company has access to one of the world’s pre-eminent sources of business and management knowledge. RSM consistently ranks among the top three facilities in Europe for management research.

Our specialist centres of expertise bring together international experts to shed new light on the factors that influence organisational performance and business success - knowledge that is being used by companies everywhere to gain the edge over their competition.

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