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Tytho is committed to helping our multinational clients streamline and automate their key Indirect tax and transfer pricing processes. Our team of seasoned tax technology experts leverage your ERP system, tax engine and other tax tools to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions - that's what we call better business.

Unlock your company's potential with tax technology

Globalisation, innovative technologies and new ways of doing business are leading to greater disruption in the marketplace. And disruptive events are becoming more and more frequent. The time has come for your company to become the disruptor, not the disrupted.

And the tax team can help make this happen.

The key is enabling a flexible supply chain to help your organization reach its full potential. Eliminate garbage in, garbage out by safeguarding correct source data. Make sure you choose a robust, transparent and user-friendly tax technology solution. And make sure that you have the flexibility to facilitate change when needed.

Look beyond the tax team's traditional role to add unprecedented value to your company.

Indirect tax

With more and more countries implementing VAT, GST or SUT, indirect taxes are now the taxes with the biggest impact on international business. Why? Because they are transaction-based and country-specific. Meanwhile, the public call for increased transparency and uniformity in tax determination, reporting and compliance has led to increased scrutiny from the authorities.

In short, tax processes entail substantial expenses and risk for today's businesses, and the sheer volume of indirect tax entries put them at the top of the list in terms of workload.

That is, if you haven't automated your indirect tax processes.

Tytho's experienced tax technologists know how to ensure that your ERP and other systems reliably and efficiently perform much of the Indirect Tax determination and filing legwork. Regardless of your business situation, we can create an automated solution that satisfies the needs of the business, the public and the authorities. No matter what the future holds.

Transfer pricing

You do not want your profits to be taxed twice - or even more. Nor do you want your tax team spending inordinate amounts of time navigating the increasingly complex transfer pricing landscape. Time that could be better spent looking at key strategic and operational questions from business and finance.

Tytho's team of senior transfer pricing experts can help you create an efficient and compliant transfer pricing strategy. From aligning business and tax models, automating operational transfer pricing processes to designing and preparing transfer pricing documentation, or even running a dialogue with the tax authorities: Tytho is your partner in creating a strong and sustainable transfer pricing strategy, running a smooth transfer pricing operation.

Tax technology and automation

Regardless of your business set-up, there is a tax technology solution that is right for you. However, finding the right solution is no small ask - never mind designing and realising the perfect set-up.

Our tax technologists leverage their extensive expertise and hands-on experience to find the solution that meets your unique business requirements. Our team can provide unique insight into a variety of tools, including:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Vertex
  • CCH Integrator - Wolters Kluwer
  • and more.

Innovative solutions

We advise our clients on tax automation and the technology. We design, implement and configure existing products in the market.

And we create our own.

We have a number of solutions for known indirect tax determination challenges in SAP.

  • Tax codes with validity periods. Never run out of tax codes again.
  • Tytho ITL. Implement a transparent and sustainable solution for determination in SAP.
  • Tytho VAT number validation. Automatically check the accuracy of VAT numbers on your file.

And when it comes to transfer pricing, we also have a tool to make your life easier: TP Things. This cloud-based solution provides clear overviews of master file and local file progress and helps you manage complex workflows through automatic notifications and central file storage.

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In taxes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To find out what we can do for your organization, simply get in touch.

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Tytho VAT number validation 14 December 2016 Every company trading within the European Union is required by law to ensure that the VAT numbers of its customers are correct for supplies within the EU. Failure to provide proof, for example via an extract of the VIES database, could result in serious consequences to your company’s VAT position.


Tax codes with validity periods 14 December 2016 Multinational enterprises operating on SAP R/3 platforms face two challenges when it comes to tax codes: the limited number of tax codes available in standard SAP, and tax codes high maintenance costs. Tytho Indirect Tax Logic provides the solution.


Indirect tax logic 14 December 2016 A flexible sustainable solution for Indirect Tax determination.


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