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BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services. BT Group’s performance is strong, and earnings per share have steadily increased – as of March 2007, BT achieved 20 consecutive quarters of year-on-year growth with revenue of approximately $36.4 billion and profit before taxation of approximately $4.5 billion.

BT Global Services, one of four BT business units, provides a range of specialist network-centric propositions and practices spanning high performance networking, applications management, outsourcing and managed services, and business transformation. BT Global Services helps multi-site organizations to master the complexity of business communication. BT Global Services employs around 30,000 people in 50 countries and delivers services in 170 countries.

BT’s 21st century global Internet protocol infrastructure, now used in 71 countries, should extend to 160 countries by the end of 2007 and already connects more than 160,000 customer sites.

To further expand its capabilities and better serve its enterprise customers, BT has made 19 acquisitions over the last two and a half years. Recent acquisitions include I2I, BT Telecom India, and US-based companies including Counterpane, INS, Radianz and Infonet. These acquisitions build on BT’s strengths in the areas of security, professional services and networking services.


The US is a key market for the company, and BT has had a continuous presence since the eighties, now employing more than 4,000 people. BT’s revenues in the US rose more than 50% in 2006, and US-headquartered companies generate approximately $1.2 billion per year in revenues for BT. As part of its Americas expansion program, BT has built a 23-city IP network in the Americas, and has added a second node in Montreal and six additional nodes in Latin America.

Both globally and in the Americas, BT provides a range of solutions addressing the following industry requirements:

Convergence: BT’s network convergence portfolio enables an enterprise to deploy all voice, video and data services over a single, flexible, end-to-end infrastructure.Security: BT has one of the world’s largest security practices and provides large-scale information technology and security solutions for 20 of the 50 largest companies in the world.  BT provides round the clock monitoring for security processes for customers worldwide. Since the acquisition of Radianz, Counterpane and INS, BT's security team has expanded significantly, with more than 1,200 client-facing security and services professionals today providing IT consulting and solutions to enterprises in the US and around the globe. 

Mobility: BT helps enterprises restructure their operations to remove constraints on physical location, increasing flexibility and facilitating collaboration across the company. Contact Center: BT is a leading practitioner of CRM. We help organizations around the world to create effective CRM strategies across multiple channels and deliver first-class customer service.


BT Global Services also has 9,500 professional services people skilled in business and process transformation, change and project management, solutions design and innovation. The acquisition of INS increases BT's presence in North America and enhances BT's consulting capabilities, particularly in the areas of enterprise architecture and governance, business productivity, information risk management, and infrastructure transformation.

BT has extensive experience serving global business sectors that rely heavily on networked IT services. In particular, our expertise has helped customers in the automotive, financial services, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries with their global communications needs.

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