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BT Conferencing is a leading global supplier of conferencing services, with over twenty years' unrivalled experience. Our conferencing solutions enable you to bring colleagues and partners together for meetings at a moment's notice, cutting out the need for expensive and time-consuming business travel.

We offer a full portfolio of conferencing services, including audio conferencing (booked and reservationless), web conferencing and video conferencing, with support for our customers' global communications needs in over 50 countries.

BT Conferencing is the winner of the Frost & Sullivan Award for 'Market Leadership in European Audio Conferencing' in 2005 and the 2006 'Award for Market Penetration Leadership in the Audio Conferencing Services Market Globally', and is also the UK conferencing market leader.

BT Conferencing is a one stop shop for your conferencing needs, now and in the future.


Increase your company's agility with BT MeetMe reservationless audio conferencing service. Meetings can be held whenever you like without having to pre-book. You have a dial in number and your own personal passcodes that you just need to send out to your invitees to dial into at the time of the meeting.

You can easily involve others, at a moment's notice, in key business decisions. Phone conferences can be scheduled with up to 40 locations, and can be integrated with web conferencing to add a visual element to your meeting.


BT Premium is the best solution for any conference with large numbers of participants. Larger audio conferences need careful planning, so with BT Premium you benefit from the services of an expert event manager to help you before, during and after the conference.

This type of event call can be booked by phone and accommodate over 2,000 participants. Question and answer sessions and participant voting are also supported. This is ideal for company announcements.


Now you can add the power of the web to your phone conferences. With Live Meeting, you can share, view and discuss documents and presentations and other computer applications in real-time, to provide a truly multi media conference - sharing your desktop as you would in a face to face meeting.

Live Meeting also has a host of new and improved features, including integrated audio conferencing so you can join a meeting with just 'two clicks' from your desktop, making it quicker and easier to use.


The BT Video Conferencing service enables participants at multiple sites almost anywhere to participate in a single meeting, face to face. We provide multi-point and point-to-point video conferencing over public ISDN and IP networks. Multipoint conferencing is where several sites, or locations, are linked together. Single point conferencing links just two sites together.

Video conferencing gives the benefit of visually seeing other meeting participants, but means you can be in the UK, they can be in Hong Kong, the USA or elsewhere in the world. BT's video conferencing services are reliable and easy to use, leaving you free to concentrate on the business of the meeting.

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