Synergy Business Consultancy - End-to-End Market Research and Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Synergy Business Consultancy has been in the business of providing market research that not only gives the 'whats' but also the 'so whats' and the 'now whats'.

Synergy has also been providing market research outsourcing since 2002. Clients span Asian countries, with services also provided to clients in the US and potentially Europe.

Market research for businesses

Clients customarily say that Synergy outputs have more depth whether these are qualitative or quantitative research, an end-to-end research or an outsourced process.

Globally-competitive would summarise Synergy's customer service, process management and analysis for outsourced services.

Qualitative market research

Synergy's qualitative market research puts a face to your consumers, unravelling their desires, motivations and mindsets. These are 'minimums' in our qualitative way of life. We also believe in uncovering links between functional benefits with emotional benefits. All these are synthesised which lead to a macro understanding and determination of results' implications. The discovery processes and synthesis lead to emerging category opportunities, brand positioning and strategies, new product development, operations enhancements, pricing considerations, to name a few.

Synergy's qualitative experience goes beyond the traditional focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and ethnography. It also includes more recent tools such as virtual FGDs and netnography, to name a few.

Synergy's quantitative market research is tasked to determine what will it take for my advertising, product, brand to succeed in the marketplace?

Even in KPO, our philosophy of providing not just the 'whats' but also the 'so whats' and 'now whats' drive the quality control checks at any research process.

Statistical and insight-based market research

Synergy's team of keen and meticulous researchers endeavour to deliver valid statistical figures that would become beneficial in the different decisions you - as the business decision maker - have to make. We boldly recommend to 'not launch' when results bear it out or refine further certain elements, such as when we get a sense and understanding that results are sub-optimum, at the very least. Otherwise, we happily say 'can proceed with next level of development' or 'launch this product' if the triangulated results bear this out.

Insights more than figures are what Synergy brings to the table. Statistical tools are, as the word says, tools. They are not the end but a means to understand patterns and their relevance in the real world. At the end of the day, Synergy puts on the hat of the brand person or business decision-maker in understanding the brand strengths and weaknesses, linking results to business implications.

Our quantitative research is highly customised and encompasses such traditional methodologies, such as face-to-face, intercept, telemarketing / call-outs and central location interviews, as well as more prevailing methods such as online market research, and prospectively, mobile market research.

Market research outsourcing for international brands

Synergy strives to understand market nuances including techniques, measurements and technology that will optimally work in each country where market research is implemented.

The company, aside from providing strategic recommendations, has been touted to be customer responsive, considering the time differences and needs of clients. Timely feedback, updates and account management styles have provided a good basis for this customer responsiveness label.

For outsourced process, directions do not go back and forth, as Synergy already proactively thinks and simulates potential implications and/or potential offshoot of certain results of such processes.

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