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Powerful reporting capabilities give you the ability to analyse the data you gather and automatically generate alerts to tell you when you need to act quickly

Confirmit helps businesses operationalize feedback to drive change throughout their organizations using the world's most secure, reliable and scalable solutions for 'voice of the customer', employee engagement and market research programmes. Confirmit's solutions enable companies to run feedback and research programmes that increase revenue, reduce costs and promote culture change.

Customer experience software platform

Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multichannel software platform for customer experience, employee feedback and market research programmes. It provides you with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all your feedback and research projects.

The capabilities of Confirmit Horizons are matched by the extensive benefits the platform gives your business. With Confirmit Horizons, you can use any single or combination of channels to gather feedback.

Use the web, email, IVR, SMS, mobile, telephone or paper to capture responses and combine them into a single system for analysis. You can create at-a-glance dashboards or in-depth customised reports and deliver them automatically, online or offline, through a wide range of convenient channels.

'Voice of the customer' engagement model

Confirmit Voices is a customer engagement model that gives you the power to listen to the voice of the customer, integrate it with existing data to generate powerful insight, and take action that will deliver real business change.

Confirmit Voices uses multichannel data collection to give you the power to listen to customers at every key touchpoint, and brings customer insight alive by incorporating financial and operational data, as well as media such as photos and video.

Powerful reporting capabilities give you the ability to analyze the data you gather and automatically generate alerts to tell you when you need to act quickly, saving at-risk customers and driving positive word of mouth. You can easily share information with the people who need it so the insight you gather not only drives short-term, tactical change, but also aids strategic planning that ultimately delivers ROI.

Market research software that drives efficiency

We understand that MR companies are under constant pressure to deliver results in the most cost-effective way. Our platform spans the entire survey project lifecycle, meaning we can drive efficiencies, cost-savings and quality throughout the entire course of your programmes.

Our Confirmit Horizons platform supports the research project lifecycle, from survey creation to results, enabling you to take advantage of the most complete, feature-rich and robust MR software available. We are uniquely able to support hundreds, thousands or millions of respondents thanks to the scalability of our platform.

Mobile research and feedback software

Confirmit Mobile survey software enables connections with customers, employees or other survey respondents in a timely and relevant way. To gain the most from your mobile surveys and feedback programmes, you need to ensure you have access to the full range of modes and features that mobile software can offer.

Choose from SMS, mobile browsers, mobile applications and multichannel solutions, depending on the requirements of your individual projects and broader objectives. Use mobile to build a profile of your customers or employees.

You can build a much more detailed picture of your respondents if you can truly capture what they are thinking, experiencing and feeling at the point of experience, rather than a snapshot of recall-based sentiment.

Employee engagement programme

An engaged workforce is at the heart of an engaged customer base. Engaging your workforce is about more than retaining employees and reducing costs. You can drive smarter investments, boost customer loyalty and increase revenue by understanding what makes employees tick - and by harnessing their insights about your customers.

Confirmit enables you to build a 'voice of the employee' programme that delivers real, actionable insight and understands how your employees drive customer engagement at every point of the business.

You can create a programme that meets your company's needs, using whatever engagement methodology works for you, and integrate data from employee feedback surveys with other business and employee information to create a 360° view of your employees.

About Confirmit: a global reach

Confirmit is the world's leading SaaS vendor for multichannel voice of the customer, employee feedback and market research applications.

The company has offices in Oslo (headquarters), Cologne, Guildford, London, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Yaroslavl. Confirmit's software is also distributed through partner resellers in Barcelona, Kuwait City, Madrid, Milan, Pattaya, Sydney and Tokyo.

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