Confirmit and GfK Present Mobile Apps – A Prescription for Physician Research

Friday, September 07, 2012 by Confirmit

Confirmit, the leading global software provider for customer experience, employee engagement and market research, presented at the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, which took place in July (18-19).

Confirmit and GfK co-presented, Mobile Apps - A Prescription for Physician Research. This case study highlighted how a major pharmaceutical manufacturer tapped in-the-moment physician feedback via mobile research.

With the rapid explosion of mobile technology, today's physicians continue to adopt smartphones to manage their busy lives. These powerful devices offer doctors real-time access to medical information, personal emails and more, presenting a ground-breaking opportunity for research.

The case study, presented by Patricia Graham, chief solution strategist, GfK, and Sean Conry, vice president of Mobile Solutions, Confirmit, detailed how the major pharmaceutical manufacturer deepened its understanding of oncologists' interactions with metastatic patients moving onto second-line therapy.

"Combining smartphones with research apps and a thoughtful hypothesis allowed us to capture 'Moments of Truth' about physicians' prescribing decisions in a way that was never before possible," says Graham.

"Confirmit's mobile technology adds a layer of flexibility to our research, and through rich multimedia capture allows us to gain more expansive and actionable data and immediate opinions."

"As companies compete to gain deeper, more relevant insights, photo, video and audio capture offer new ways for respondents to be entertained and engaged while providing insightful feedback," said Conry.

"Healthcare audiences, and physicians in particular, are in the sweet spot to realize key benefits inherent to mobile research methodologies."