Confirmit Launches Voice of the Customer Engagement Model

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 by Confirmit

Confirmit, the leading global solutions provider for customer experience, employee engagement and market research, has announced the launch of Confirmit Voices™, a voice of the customer engagement model which enables companies to build successful voice of the customer programs that drive business change and generate return on investment.

The model is built around a six-stage process: define, design, implement, analyze, act and review. It helps organizations to develop clear objectives and design a tailored VoC program mapped to the customer journey. At its heart is the Confirmit Horizons™ platform which provides multi-channel data collection, including web, mobile, telephone and paper, as well as analysis and reporting tools that deliver actionable insight across the business.

Claire Sporton, VP, customer experience management at Confirmit, commented: "Successful VoC programs deliver increased revenue, reduced costs and positive changes to organizational culture. The Confirmit Voices model is designed to help companies achieve these benefits through a clear, rigorous approach that defines success against clear goals and KPIs. A fundamental part of our approach is the ability to take customer feedback and bring it alive by incorporating financial and operational data, as well as rich media such as photos and video. This is key to engaging employees and delivering cultural change within businesses."

Core to Confirmit Voices is a focus on driving action and delivering tangible business results at both tactical and strategic levels. The model is highly flexible and customers can choose to use some or all of Confirmit's extensive services to build and implement their VoC program, or can simply use the Confirmit Horizons platform to run it themselves.

Henning Hansen, president and CEO of Confirmit, explains: "Confirmit has always been a leader in enabling companies to develop successful VoC programs. The introduction of the Confirmit Voices model cements our position as a strategic partner for companies who wish to start or expand successful VoC programs."

For more information about Confirmit Voices and Confirmit Horizons please contact Confirmit.