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EDS customer relationship management (CRM) services are built on the principle of delivering and managing high-quality contact center services that support complex, large-scale customer interactions. Our services are designed to address pressing business challenges facing our clients, while delivering measurable value through differentiated industry-tailored services, as well as the ability to comprehensively manage the entire customer interaction operation.

We deliver tangible, breakthrough results quickly by providing leading insights, being responsive to our clients and reducing risk. Whether you need a single service or an integrated approach, we have the flexible solutions that can improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention, loyalty and value.

Contact center outsourcing services

EDS contact center outsourcing services provides superior customer service and sales for complex, high-value customer transactions that address select end-to-end industry processes in a multi-channel, multilingual customer contact center environment.

Contact center managed services

EDS contact center managed services effectively manage your multiple customer service providers along with contact center processes and technologies, enabling improved business performance and growth.

Industry-specific CRM solutions

Our CRM capabilities are integrated to industry-specific business process frameworks to manage critical customer-facing activities end-to-end, and address industry-specific challenges to serving end-customers.

Consumer direct services provide a fully integrated solution for end-to-end order processing and fulfillment from our service delivery centers. We operate contact centers, distribution centers, payment centers and technology centers on a global basis to pull everything together for you. We capture customer intelligence, handle sales and service inquiries, process sales requests, and warehouse and distribute products for direct-to-consumer companies around the world.

CRM for retail banking

CRM for retail banking solution provides multiple channels to the customer in a consistent, efficient and effective way. This differentiates the bank and enables the most effective data collection and analytics (single view of the customer), improving decision-making, product design and cross-sell/up-selling. Bringing it all together enables you to know your customer and make the most effective use of customer interactions via multiple channels.

Integrated aftermarket sales and services

The integrated aftermarket sales and services solution delivers end-to-end business process and technical support, increasing aftermarket revenue through reliable, efficient customer service. This begins with the customer's first enquiry and purchase and carries through to product end-of-life and follow-on replacement sales.

Smartphone CRM services

Smartphone services solution delivers end-to-end business processes and technical support, exceeding customer demands and increasing smartphone revenue. EDS delivers reliable, efficient customer service that starts with the customer's first enquiry or purchase and carries through to the eventual product end-of-life and follow-on replacement sales.

What sets EDS apart

Customer experience and satisfaction is critical to an enterprise’s success and revenue growth. To ensure satisfied and loyal customers, companies must provide a differentiated customer care experience across multiple channels. They also must have a full view of their customer interactions across business units, sites and outsourced service providers to measure and improve customer satisfaction. EDS helps integrate all of the customer interaction processes and technologies to deliver services in a standard, customer-focused way.

EDS helps you deliver a multichannel interaction environment that provides a seamless customer view throughout the customer life cycle. Centrally located customer and product data is available across the organization, making information accessible in real time to all customer-facing channels and providing the customer with one-touch service. The right information at the right time improves your ability to target, reach and service customers.

Through multi-vendor management, EDS orchestrates and streamlines the contact center organization by integrating people, processes, and technology into a single enterprise solution. This ensures alignment between your business priorities and service performance across the enterprise, and consistency through a single point of contact for all facets of support across programs, vendors, contact center technologies, and geographies.

EDS knows how difficult it is to consistently collect, manage, and disseminate contact center performance data across multiple contact centers and service providers. Our set of managed services encompass strategy, technology, governance and processes and enable you to consolidate, standardize, automate, report on and analyze contact center performance information. These global, enterprise-wide services enable greater use of best practices and tools across the organization, so you can provide a more consistent customer experience.

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