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The way customers explore, assess and buy products and services is becoming increasingly complex and individual. To compete effectively, brands must be able to understand and anticipate these customer journeys across all channels and connect them in a relevant and agile way, putting the customer at the heart of the solution.

Integrated software solutions for improved customer experience

The traditional model for achieving this has been through all singing, all dancing CRM platforms promising seamlessly integrated end-to-end solutions. Our experience is that the reality of such platforms rarely meets the promise, not necessarily because of the platform itself but more often than not because the client's business simply cannot effectively integrate it operationally into their customer journey.

ZigZag is a digital tools business that develops and licenses easy-to-integrate software solutions, which effectively bridge the most important stages in the customer journey without the cost or complexity of a platform solution; this in turn improves their sales, marketing and customer service.

Improving customer experience and ROI through smart technology

We do this by combining customer insight, data and technology in an innovative way to create specialised tools that deliver measurable improvements to both the customer experience and our clients' bottom line.

Our products can be linked together across different stages in the customer journey but individually all of our tools have three common characteristics:

  • Simple to integrate with a client's own systems
  • Cost-effective, requiring relatively low initial investment
  • Delivers a measurable and scaleable ROI quickly

Products to improve engagement across the customer journey

Connect - the award-winning call centre messaging system, which allows operators to tailor follow-up communications to inbound and outbound calls, allowing the operator to create personalised emails from pre-determined assets and send during or after the call.

Hub - the one-to-one communication platform is designed for brands that have a branch based operation. Centrally controlled marketing assets can be accessed by all remote staff, allowing them to create high-quality and tailored emails, SMS messages or printed documentation for distribution to customers.

Zoom - the online product display platform, which allows brands to display their merchandise in a more engaging and consistent style across their own and third-party retailer websites. Brands retain control over the images and text descriptions, allowing them to offer consumers a much richer and consistent engagement with their products, while at the same time increasing conversion.

Live - uses dynamic access to the UK's largest consumer database to remove the anonymity of a website visitor. This allows brands to tailor an individual's online experience and make their journey more relevant and more productive increasing both customer experience and conversion. Furthermore, Live uses fully opted-in data avoiding both the permission and relevance issues of data gathered via online behaviour alone.

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