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The HR Certification Institute is the largest HR credentialing organization. Based in the United States, the HR Certification Institute has certified more than 150,000 HR professionals in more than 79 countries during its 30-year history.

Why is HR certification important?

The single greatest asset for any company is its people. Achieving a professional certification is a leading indicator of an individual’s commitment to their professional development and growth. Businesses of all sizes benefit by hiring certified employees because they gain strong workers who are ready to grow, learn and succeed. In addition, multi-national organizations benefit by having a common HR language and best practices despite cultural differences.

Up to 70% of a company's expenses are HR-related. Organizations that employ certified HR professionals can be assured that their employment practices and policies are sound and, through recertification, their HR staffs are staying abreast of changes in the field.

In a recent survey conducted by the HR Certification Institute, roughly one-half of business leaders interviewed said they see differences between certified and non-certified HR professionals in terms of motivation, knowledge of the HR field, and performance. In addition, 73% of respondents say certified HR professionals inspire greater trust and confidence from business colleagues than do their non-certified HR co-workers.

Why HR credentials from the HR Certification Institute?

Currently there are more than 98,000 HR professionals worldwide who hold one or more HR credentials from the HR Certification Institute. With three core certifications available, the HR Certification Institute is the leading independent, internationally recognized certifying body for the HR profession.

The HR Certification Institute’s credentials are valued in the business community because the exams test knowledge gained from experience working in the HR field as well as forward-thinking HR practices, policies and procedures that professionals are expected to know in order to perform their jobs effectively.

The HR Certification Institute's three core credentials are the Professional in Human Resources (PHR), the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and the Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR).

HR recertification and continuing education

Passing the exam demonstrates that your professional-level HR staff have mastered and can successfully apply relevant human resource principles and disciplines. But achieving HR certification is only the first step. To maintain their certification, HR professionals must recertify their credentials every three years through HR-related continuing education activities. Recertification ensures that credentialed employees are staying abreast of changes in the HR field and helping keep your company competitive.

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