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IESE executive education programs encourage business leaders to take a break from their everyday lives in order to examine their knowledge, assumptions, and intuitions, and to reflect on the challenges they face as managers. They gain experience analyzing problems, successes, and failures, and in doing so, build their own personal vision of leadership. The upshot: they gain a unique perspective that will enable them to take a more rigorous approach to decision making.

The IESE experience is all about accumulating knowledge and tools, developing skills, sharing ideas and ways of doing things, comparing criteria, reflecting on one’s personal values, and forging lifelong ties with other executives. The people who come to IESE are amazed by the personal quality and friendliness of a school that fosters the growth of each and every participant.

Leadership development for every career stage

At IESE, we believe that people are not born leaders, rather they develop into leaders, and that a good leader must never stop learning. Leading an organization, inspiring trust, and coordinating group efforts are only possible if the leader is constantly at the cutting edge of knowledge and business experience.

IESE responds to these concerns by offering programs adapted to the challenges of each career stage. All our programs are taught by professors with doctorates from the best universities in the world. They are true opinion leaders who have a deep personal commitment to contributing to their students’ betterment.

In the international community, IESE programs stand out for their focus on general management which furnishes a truly global perspective, as well as for their unique learning method. Finally, all of IESE’s programs, like all our activities, are founded on a humanist vision of business, which regards each individual as the source of development and the heart of every organization.

MBA programs

For more than 40 years, IESE’s MBA classrooms have been the crucible of executive talent. The diversity, intensity, and breadth of students' experiences at IESE spur them to grow in terms of knowledge, skills and managerial competencies.

There are three reasons why IESE has become one of the top MBA programs in the world. The first is our students. Year after year, we have managed to attract an elite group of talented students from different countries who bring together a wide range of professional experiences from different sectors.

The second reason is our professors, a faculty of distinguished professionals who serve as inspiration for future leaders.

The last factor is our curriculum and case study methodology, which immerse students in the day-to-day reality of running a business and require them to make decisions from a comprehensive, collaborative standpoint.

A full-time, 19-month MBA course taught in Barcelona, a part-time, 19-month executive MBA program based in Madrid, and a modular program combining training in Barcelona, Madrid, Shanghai and Silicon Valley are available.

Executive education

Executive education programs offer participants the chance to analyze companies from a comprehensive vantage point, to understand the leader’s mission in the organization, and to grasp the role of the executive. Each executive takes the reins of his or her own development process and thus acquires new knowledge, skills, and professional competencies.

Outside Spain, IESE has launched executive education programs in Cairo, Munich, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, and Warsaw. In China IESE holds a specially designed program for top Chinese executives, the Global CEO Program for China, in conjunction with Harvard Business School and CEIBS.

Seminars and short- focused programs

The executive education department also boasts a series of short-focused programs and seminars that target a specific business area. Business leaders and executives gather to explore the challenges and opportunities affecting a certain business sector.

In-company programs

In-company programs are specifically designed for a specific company taking into account its unique circumstances and challenges. IESE has become a leader in custom-designed programs, with clients such as Abbott, BBVA, Bertelsmann, Boeing, Eicsson, Henkel, Sun Microsystems, Telefónica and Vodafone.

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