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CDS Global is a leading provider of outsourced business solutions to multiple industries, delivering an array of innovative and flexible eCommerce, order management, fulfilment, payment processing and marketing services.

Our clients in the consumer product, nonprofit, publishing and utility industries rely on us to maximise the value of their data as we manage their customers' interactions in ways that develop and promote long-term revenue.

Marketing solutions combining technology and expertise

CDS Global's marketing solutions combine the latest technology and the most advanced industry expertise to help you form relationships with new audiences and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Whether you require business intelligence and reporting, cross-media communications, database services, eCommerce or mailing services, our systems seamlessly integrate to provide you with a full suite of solutions to ensure complete engagement with those who interact with your organisation.

Our robust systems can handle a variety of business-critical needs, including accounting fundamentals and sophisticated data modelling; data-driven custom digital printing, multichannel campaigns, variable data and Web-to-print; list rentals and cooperatives; Web store hosting, email marketing and online brand promotion and customer care; and lettershop, mail merge and mail suppression.

Payment processing and document presentment solutions

Whether your billing and acknowledgements are paper-based or electronic, our payment processing and document presentment solutions not only ensure that the correct data is captured, but also store that data in a secure, compliant environment.

Our systems capture data from virtually any document that comes with your receivables, including invoices, payments, correspondence, donations, orders, customer service requests, promotional campaign documents, surveys, subscriptions, coupons, rebates and more. Furthermore, we store your documents electronically to cut down on costs associated with paper storage.

CDS Global's electronic presentment and payment solutions give you flexibility in bill delivery, with options ranging from Web to mobile. We also have the ability to post payments and electronically deposit to the bank - all at one time - through our remote deposit solution.

Whether you require retail, wholesale or wholetail lockbox services, our 40 years of expertise and innovative technology allow us to process your customer interactions accurately, seamlessly and quickly - putting more money in the bank and allowing you to focus on your organisation.

Order management and fulfilment solutions

CDS Global's order management and fulfilment systems handle millions upon millions of customers worldwide.

Whether your customers are placing orders, making donations, paying monthly bills or calling for service, our order management and fulfilment solutions support your brand today while building opportunities for tomorrow.

Our centralised system serves as a hub for your order information to ensure your customer data is managed effectively, simplifying your processes and driving efficiencies across your value chain.

CDS Global's solution offers continuous, uninterrupted updating of customer information and promotional flexibility to best suit your customers' unique needs.

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