DATAMARK - Business Process Outsourcing for the Digital Mailroom

DATAMARK is a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services and specializes in large-scale digital mailroom processes, including document processing and management, for Fortune 500 corporations.

We serve 'top ten' clients in the industries of banking and financial services, freight and transportation, healthcare, government, insurance and marketing fulfillment. For over 20 years, these companies have depended on DATAMARK for fast, accurate and cost-saving document management solutions. Find out how we can put the same expertise we've developed for them to work for you.

Outsources for large international companies

Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, DATAMARK has been an outsourcing provider for some of the world's largest companies since 1989. Our global workforce, located in the US, Mexico and India, can handle your document processing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Business process re-engineering methods

Our proven business process re-engineering methods can transform your backlogged, outdated corporate mailrooms into efficient, cost-effective powerhouses capable of handling millions of pieces of mail a year.

Our streamlined methods mean that paper documents are immediately sorted, prepped, barcoded, scanned, indexed and processed with less cost and waste. Critical data is captured and forwarded to various departments with faster turnaround time and greater accuracy.

DATAMARK's key advantages include:

Multiple processing options for mailrooms

DATAMARK has a variety of choices available depending on your risk and cost tolerance. We can manage your digital mailroom operations at your facility or at one of our on-shore, near-shore or far-shore facilities.

Bi-cultural and bilingual business culture

We are based in the US so we understand American culture. However, it is our location on the US-Mexico border that gives us a unique bi-cultural, bilingual advantage to benefit your business.

Executive-level partnership

You're not just another number to us. We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with every client. From our executive boardroom to the production floor, we are accessible and ready to provide you with personalized service. In fact, our dedication to customer service excellence is why our average client relationship is 12 years.

Superior people management

Our process improvements enable increased efficiency and productivity. Our training and quality assurance programs prepare our employees to meet and exceed your quality standards. Our incentive programs encourage continual improvement in turnaround time. We do everything we can to prepare our staff to meet your business needs.

Continual process improvement

Our expertise in Lean Sigma process improvement means we achieve higher productivity and efficiency with less waste and fewer employees. You benefit with lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Seamless transition management

Moving your back-office process to an outsourcing model is easier than you think. Our Process Migration Methodology™ (PMM) ensures a seamless transition that minimizes the risks of service disruption and miscommunication.

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El Paso, TX USA 79901 USA
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+1 800 477 1944

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