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Ericpol, Poland's largest exporter in the ICT services sector, is an engineering company that has been operating on the international market since 1991.

The company provides outsourcing and consultancy services, as well as dedicated solutions in the telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine), UX (user experience) communications, healthcare, finance, banking and business sectors.

Ericpol consists of three offices in Poland and three production centres in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden, making up the Ericpol Group and employing more than 1,700 people.

Ericpol takes full responsibility for the maintenance and development of its customers' software.

Our ability to transfer and optimise software production gives customers the time to focus on their core business. They can build their competitive advantage and we do the rest.

Ericpol guarantees its partners:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Referral key resources to acquire new markets
  • Shortening a business change cycle
  • Reduce the cost of solutions yielding measurable results in less time
  • Increasing flexibility of production and organisation by transfer or external support from qualified engineers

ICT outsourcing services

Ericpol has a unique understanding of clients' businesses. With high-class and incredibly experienced engineers, we can take over and continue the customer's ICT projects, making them better and less expensive at the same time.

We guarantee the effectiveness of our work, because we rely on knowledge, efficiency, innovation and flexibility. And all this can be measured by customers' KPIs.

We believe business is the process of satisfying the client and not producing goods or providing services. Our world-class ICT engineers provide top-quality engineering services.

This means that we meet the client's expectations through the provision of tailored solutions without delays and risk, supporting their market effectiveness and building long-term relations.

That is why Ericpol is recognised as a trustworthy partner in business, frequently awarded in both national and international branch competitions.

ICT outsourcing, consulting, customisations and training

Ericpol provides services such as outsourcing, consulting, customisations, dedicated solutions and trainings. We have completed 700 complex projects in 75 countries, including long-term comprehensive assignments, requiring the involvement of several hundred specialists.

To fully help our clients to reach their business goals rather than just cut costs, we work independently showing involvement and initiative according to the client's directions. Thanks to the location of offices in Central and Eastern Europe, Ericpol can offer top quality and still preserve the competitive price of our products and services.

Awards and recognition

In 2011 the company was selected as the "Rising Star" in the rankings of The World's 100 Best Outsourcing Providers prepared by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

Ericpol was announced by Software Magazine as one of the world's 500 biggest software and IT services suppliers.

In 2012 the company took first place in the most important categories in Computerworld's TOP200 ranking: the largest Polish exporter, the largest service provider to the telecommunication sector and the main supplier of dedicated solutions.

Software outsourcing expertise - flexibility and agility

Ericpol has vast amounts of experience in the execution of ventures in the field of modern technologies with the use of high accessibility software (mission critical software).

We adopted Agile-based project management a few years ago and since then we have succeeded in delivering the highest quality software services in terms of time and cost.

Services we provide include:

  • Software development
  • Software testing and verification
  • Support and maintenance of software products
  • Software product hosting
  • Project management
  • Information logistics
  • Configuration management
  • Staff augmentation

Engineering excellence

The company offers software engineers, architects, designers, testers and technical writers with experience in complex projects that require precise measures. We take full responsibility for the software lifecycle.

Ericpol has long-term, reference-covered experience in the provision of consulting services in the area of optimisation of telecommunications system efficiency. Consultations cover the economic and technical analysis of hardware and software used by the client.

The study of each case is enriched with the assessment of products available on the market and the possibility of their integration with the client's ICT infrastructure. Consultancy services involve:

  • Testing of performance and functionalities
  • Functional analysis and optimisation of the existing infrastructure and technology
  • Monitoring and testing of telecommunications system performance
  • Technical and functional analyses of products of other companies
  • Assessment and integration of systems of other producers
  • Implementation and integration of telecommunications systems with existing devices
  • Project management

Individual approach

We strive to create constructive dialogue while choosing the most suitable training model for our client. Clear communication, fast responses and an attitude which values long-term relationships are very important to us.

Telecommunication solutions customisation

Based on its experience, Ericpol drew up its own methodology for telecommunication solutions customisation. While adapting to the needs of the market, we have created an offer of dedicated solutions and services related to software development.

These services include both research-and-development and commercial phases within the complete product lifecycle. Ericpol always aspires to set up 'win-win' partnerships coupled with our individual approach and flexible pricing model.

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