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Hangzhou was defined as the 'China Service Outsourcing Demonstration City' in February 2009. It is also recognised as one of 21 software industry base cities in mainland China.

It is currently focused on several main industries, including telecommunications, software, integrated circuits, digital TV, animation, games, biopharma and E-commerce.

Revenues made by the software business in Hangzhou reached 50bn RMB in 2011, while the software export revenue reached a value of $460m. There were a total 112 enterprises that achieved CMMCMI, ISO27001 certification.

There were 20 IT software enterprises listed on the public market, two companies of which ranked in the top ten of self-brand software products, while a total of 15 enterprises are listed on the key software enterprises list of national strategic planning.

In order to accelerate the development of the outsourcing industry, Hangzhou's Municipal Government set up a leading team to draw up a development plan and issue the supporting policy to enable rapid development of the outsourcing industry in the city.

Helping foreign companies enter the Chinese market

Hangzhou's government has placed more focus on the financial service outsourcing that is considered the main medium for the high-end outsourcing industry. Hangzhou is aiming to become a leading financial delivery centre.

Great-Idea Business Resources Company was founded in 2002 and is one of China's most prominent outsourcing and consultancy service companies.

Great-Idea connects a global network of outsourcing agencies with international outsourcing professionals, having developed a comprehensive database of information, experts and network system resources.

The organisation has experience of arranging and promoting summits based around outsourcing, business meetings, organisational training and consultancy, as well as providing companies and government departments with key industrial information.

Great-Idea provides an excellent opportunity for international businesses to enter the Chinese market, by helping clients build relationships with the government, meet local business partners and learn about outsourcing resources.

Consultancy, planning and promotion services

Services offered by the company provide genuine opportunities for multinationals and foreign investors to gain access to localised and professional outsourcing services. Great-Idea utilises a three-pronged approach, revolving around consultancy, planning and promotion, broken down into the following areas:

  • Consultancy services - industry analysis, business analysis, market analysis, policy analysis and advantages
  • Planning services - positional, brand, market and media planning, government resources and integration
  • Promotion services - exhibitions, event, forum and media services, enterprise establishment, Sino-foreign cooperative projects, services resources and E-commerce integration

The clear advantages that come from working with Great-Idea is that your business receives a tailor-made approach on how to enter the Chinese market, as you will get to benefit from some great experiences.

You can gain a unique insight of how to develop your strategy by visiting three to four cities that form part of the 21 model cities which have been setup by the government. These delegation trips enable you to meet local government officials and local enterprise members, hopefully resulting in strong ties being formed.

Offering a unique insight into China's culture

Taking a hands-on approach such as this means foreign businesses can also gain an understanding of China's culture, which in turn offers an idea of how Chinese markets work. The country's culture differs from that of the West, and by learning more about the country you can also learn more about how to function within it.

Great-Idea offers an intimate familiarity with the Chinese market, while their sales and professional contact network is a valuable resource for international clients with business interests in the Asian nation.

Through delegation trips, summits and an appreciation of Chinese and Western cultures, Great-Idea provides the face-to-face interaction that Chinese culture requires to help build trust and cooperation.

  • China Service Outsourcing Development and Cooperation International Forum ( CODC )
  • China Outsourcing Development Summit
  • International Green IP Service Cooperation Forum
  • International Outsourcing Business Development Summit ( IOBD )
  • China International Software and Information Service Outsourcing Summit (CSIO)
  • HR Outsourcing
  • International Service Outsourcing Business Match
  • China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT)
  • China International Finance Forum-Finance Service Outsourcing Summit
  • China BFSI Outsourcing Summit
  • Beijing ( Shanghai ) Finance Back Office Salon
  • China International Machinery & Electronic Products Exposition (CWME) and International Automobile Industry Outsourcing Development Forum
  • International Disaster Recovery and Service Outsourcing Summit

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