City to build world packaging "aircraft carrier"

Friday, January 03, 2014 by Great-Idea Business Resources Company

To keep the glittering casket and give back the pearls to the seller is a Chinese idiom that tells a story about people's lack of judgment. However, exquisite packaging has become very important added value for commodities. For instance, a beautiful box of imported biscuits will not only bring the enjoyment of taste but also a feast of eyes.

Statistics indicate that the total output value derived from large-scale packaging enterprises (annual revenue exceeding CNY 20 million) reached CNY 1.5 trillion in 2012 and China has become the second largest packaging service provider in the world after the United States. Last year, the Global Packaging Center that features global packaging information and innovation was agreed to be established in the city, which was expected to significantly improve China's packaging quality and designs.

2013 China (Hangzhou) Global Packaging Industry Summit Forum, the "Oscar" in the packaging industry, was opened on November 19. At the forum, the "Global Packaging Industry Center Alliance Hangzhou Declaration" was released and Global Packaging Center Corporation allied with international investors, financial institutions and organizations to start inviting packaging businesses from around the world to open stores in the Center.

The World Packaging Organization Asia Packaging Center, or Global Packaging Center, is the first global industry center that the city has established in cooperation with an international organization. The Center provides technology, education, information, finance, culture, manufacturing, logistics and trading services.

Total investment in the Global Packaging Center, which is still under construction, stands at over CNY 2.5 million. The Center consists of two 180-meter skyscrapers and total floor area of the office space amounts to 62,000 sqm. Moreover, the Center will establish a commercial real estate project with a total floor area of 60,000 sqm and a hotel with a total floor area of 68,000 sqm. All the projects will be launched into use next year.

The Declaration pointed out that the Center aims to become a world packaging industry "aircraft carrier" and a global exhibition platform that is comprised of the Forum, Summit and Global Packaging Expo.

The Center will take packaging design orders from all over the world and facilitate the marketing of the creation and wisdom of designers worldwide, generating remarkable revenues for the city.