Overseas Chinese talents seek development in city with advanced projects

Friday, January 03, 2014 by Great-Idea Business Resources Company

The 8th Overseas Chinese Talents Project Fair was held in the city on December 4. Over 40 technological elites from 12 countries and regions brought nearly 40 projects to the fair and negotiated with more than 50 enterprises and local development zones on cooperation.

Most Advanced "Big Data" Technologies

Boston is a leader in the big data sector in the United States. Overseas Chinese have established approximately 20 big data-related companies in the American city, the technologies of which are advanced in the field.

Zhang Xiaoming, a MIT computational mathematics doctor, has decided to move his "big data center" that employs overseas Chinese technological talents to Hangzhou.

Alibaba is based in Hangzhou and e-commerce is the most competitive industry in the city, said Zhang, who was also born in Hangzhou. The "big data technology industrialization base" that he is going to build in the city will set the foundation for China's data analysis industry, one of the modern service sectors that the city has been dedicated to expand, Zhang added.

In cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology, the core technology of the "big data center" is "collective intelligence". The main businesses include public/social management, precision marketing, technological data analysis, sensor network and smart city. The company aims to become the first choice for "Internet review" in China's e-commerce industry.

Excellent environment for startups

The social value generated by the projects, technologies and R&D teams that were brought back from abroad have significantly exceeded the government subsidies, said Dr. Zhou Caijian with Zhejiang Zheng Yuan Zhi Hui Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou has also been included in the national and provincial "1,000 Elite Program".

"The transformation of governments in Hangzhou from management-oriented to service-oriented allows enterprises to focus on business operation," Zhou noted.

Zhou moved his company to Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park in November and it is mainly engaged in data services for the province's one-card pass system on campus and Hangzhou Citizen Card. The company also has cooperation with Taobao. "We have established subsidiaries in many places of China and plan to launch IPO next year," Zhou noted.