15th West Lake Exposition comes to successful conclusion

Friday, January 03, 2014 by Great-Idea Business Resources Company

The 15th West Lake Exposition was put to an end on November 9th, 2013. The 29-day expo with the theme of "Innovative Expo, Beautiful Hangzhou" consists of 50 activities and achieved a trade volume of CNY 15.735 billion. Total domestic investment of CNY 15.23 billion and foreign investment of 1.022 billion dollars were agreed during the expo.

It is estimated that more than eight million person-times of people, including guests, local residents and tourists, from nearly 50 countries and regions participated in the expo.

The opening ceremony was for the first time combined with the theme exhibition and the signing ceremony of the Economic, Trade and Sci-Tech Cooperation Fair. A roundtable meeting for entrepreneurs from a number of Fortune Top 500 Companies was held for the first time to enhance the communication between the city's government officials and businessmen from home and abroad. The Symposium attracted about 200 domestic companies and also enterprises from over 40 countries including France, Italy, Germany, Japan, India, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Malaysia etc.

Delegates from 25 of the Fortune Top 500 Companies like CSR, COFCO, GEELY, Zhejiang Transfer, HOLLEY, AUX, H3C, XiZiOTIS met and shared their ideas on development.

The Expo also focused on the internationalization strategy of the city and aims at elevating the internalization level of the Expo. Through cooperation with business institutions based in Britain, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Italy, Japan and German, the Expo has successfully attracted enterprises and organizations from all over the world.

The expanded cooperation and concentrating resources help enormously increase the city's international influence. Impressive events such as 2013 China International Press Photo Contest and the Asia Design Management Forum consolidate the cooperation and communication of domestic and foreign exhibition organizations and upgrade the internationalization level of the Expo.