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Mindpearl specialises in working together with our clients to plan, transition and manage workload in our locations

Mindpearl is a specialist global multilingual outsourced contact centre provider offering sales, customer service and business process solutions. While we are a global provider, our size enables us to deliver a focused, personalised service to our clients, starting with the agents handling the daily workload through to the senior management team - the majority of which are shareholders in the business.

We deliver an extensive range of contact centre services including traditional telephony-based solutions (inbound and outbound), email, live-chat and back-office processes.

From our locations in Cape Town, Barcelona, Brisbane, Dubai and Suva (Fiji), we deliver customer sales and service solutions to a number of high profile customers. Our locations, all supported by a sophisticated IT infrastructure, enable us to provide highly flexible, secure and resilient solutions.

The locality of our worldwide centres means that we operate 24 / 7 and enables us to offer extensive multilingual services that traverse the globe across all time zones.

Outsourcing through partnerships

Mindpearl specialises in working together with our clients to plan, transition and manage workload in our locations. We recognise each client's uniqueness and diversity and individually design services to reflect each client's customer service strategy.

We value our client relationships and are proud to say many of our existing clients' service portfolios have grown and expanded, reflecting their satisfaction with our services.

Multilingual service provision

Mindpearl currently handles workloads in many forms, from traditional calls, email and back office process management to customer relations and social media.

Our current employee demographic is made up of a variety of nationalities across our locations offering client specific native level linguist skills in more than 30 languages, including Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Multisite operations and IT

Located in Cape Town (South Africa), Barcelona (Spain), Brisbane (Australia), Dubai (UAE) and Suva (Fiji) - Mindpearl offers a range of location options to suit clients' needs, along with the peace of mind that comes with multilocations, solid resilience and comprehensive disaster recovery planning.

We offer 24/7 services and include options to improve client turnaround times by carrying out work overnight. Mindpearl has developed a sophisticated IT infrastructure which allows routing of customer calls and other activities to any of our centres across the globe. Activity can be directed by skill, agent availability or cost.

Diversity and flexibility for excellent customer service

Mindpearl are delighted to partner many businesses, from catalogue shopping to air travel and weight management clients. We manage a variety of contact types, from scheduling appointments to resolving complex consumer relations issues.

We understand the complexities of maintaining excellent customer service through seasonal peaks and troughs and deliver highly flexible staffing options to meet these needs.

Cost efficiency and competitive prices

Mindpearl want to exceed client expectations offering high quality service at a cost competitive price. We approach pricing in the most flexible way and believe we satisfy our clients' requirements in terms of both pricing structure and billing.

History of the virtual contact centre business

Mindpearl was set up in 1999 to serve the entire contact centre needs of a consortium of 11 airlines servicing the globe to more than 400 destinations across all time zones with customers who wanted to communicate in more than 20 languages.

Once this solution was implemented, Mindpearl had a unique proposition: a truly global, virtual contact centre business which delivered multilingual services on a 24 / 7 basis.

Along the way, Mindpearl had internally developed a global data network and an intelligent call routing platform that implements follow-the-sun technology over a virtual private network. This allows Mindpearl to route every incoming call to a native speaker at one of its centres around the world, according to customer requirements, the time of day or night, and the cost effectiveness of the call.

This approach, unique in the industry, provides a multilingual, round-the-clock service but also maintains a low-cost solution for Mindpearl's clients. This seamless integration of calls between countries means the business benefits from efficient use of technology, while customers benefit from knowledgeable and friendly staff at any time of the day or night.

In May of 2006 management formed Mindpearl Group Limited to acquire the business from the then owners; Swiss International Air Lines.

In May 2008, Dnata World Travel (wholly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai) took a 49% shareholding in Mindpearl Group.

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