Mindpearl's CEO Wins People's Choice Award 'A' List for Contribution to Outsourcing

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 by Mindpearl

Mindpearl's CEO, William Pattison, has won the National Outsourcing Association's (NOA) People's Choice Award 'A' List among a list of outstanding peers.

The National Outsourcing Association Awards are for Best Practice in Outsourcing and the People Choice Award is a new award this year, to recognise outstanding individuals for their efforts and contribution to outsourcing.

William has almost 25 years' experience in the contact centre industry, most notably within the aviation industry. William, with his unique insight, customer focus and leadership, has been the driving force behind Mindpearl's award-winning network of multilingual, multichannel customer contact centre operations.

"Contact centre locations have always been led by the deregulation of telecommunication. In the 80s it was exorbitantly expensive to make a call from one city or town to another in the UK and even more so for calls across European borders. Companies had regional offices handling customer service, because centralised contact centres where not financially feasible. National call centres emerged after BT went private and competition entered the market. By the mid-90s we saw centres handling all of Europe. Today companies move calls and data across continents seamlessly, quickly and inexpensively. This enabled companies to efficiently leverage offshore locations through outsourcing to achieve significant cost savings without business disruption. However, in certain countries deregulation is merely a government discussion point rather than reality, which make various locations unsuitable for outsourcing today. I predict this will change. New mediums of communication, such as Skype, VOIP, web chat and social media will become the driving force behind this evolution. Telco costs will have less and less bearing ... the contact centre outsourcing possibilities will be endless, bringing about a limitless talent pool. Typically home-based agents are based in the country where the calls originate. This is one area I see revolutionised. I see a call from France answered by a home-based agent speaking French in Kinshasa or a housewife in Chile servicing a customer from Madrid. For BPO's this will mean repositioning ourselves, training and internal communication will be the key to success rather than selling a location," commented William Pattison, CEO of Mindpearl.

Winners for the NOA Awards were announced at an official award ceremony on Thursday 24th October 2013 at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London, where Mindpearl was also named as Outsourcing Contact Centre Provider of the year.