Aetna International - Innovative Global Healthcare Cover and Wellness and Care Management Solutions

Aetna International offers innovative global healthcare cover, wellness and care management solutions for multinational corporations and globally-mobile individuals across the world.

With more than 150 years' experience in the US and over 30 years internationally, Aetna offers you an abundance of healthcare expertise. We aim to be the global leader in empowering people to live healthier lives by making quality healthcare more affordable and more accessible.

Health insurance for expatriates and globally-mobile individuals

Aetna International offers a full suite of products and programmes, including medical, dental, vision, emergency assistance and health management. Our global coverage with local expertise meets employers' needs in attracting and retaining qualified employees for international assignments.

As specialists in providing health insurance for expatriates, we understand the needs and preferences of people living abroad. With our expertise we are able to offer flexible and portable benefits plans to help them gain access to the services they require.

Health risk assessments, cancer outreach support and health and wellness education

The Aetna experience works for you, wherever you are in the world. Our number one priority is placing the people who use our services at the centre of everything we do. We're continually challenging ourselves to take the service we provide to the next level - this includes our enhanced global website, which makes it easier to do business with us than ever before.

We focus on health and wellness, providing resources to help members reach their optimal health. Our new international healthcare plans include our complimentary wellness offering, Aetna Global Health Connections, which includes:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Cancer outreach and support
  • Health and wellness education and access to informative materials through our electronic wellness centre

In addition to offering flexible cover plans, we are expanding our health management solutions. We are collaborating with organizations around the world to improve health, quality and cost outcomes through wellness programmes, disease management, case management and other solutions.

Global medical services network

Dedicated to building strong and secure partnerships with healthcare professionals around the world, we have negotiated simplified prepayment and reimbursement procedures with practitioners and medical facilities worldwide. This gives our customers added convenience and reduces costly up-front expenses.

Solutions to address local regulatory and compliance requirements

Compliance is a core competency at Aetna International. We are able to provide solutions across the globe, based on local regulatory and compliance requirements.

To provide solutions for expatriates, third-country nationals and local nationals, we utilise our licensed insurance entities and have arrangements with locally admitted carriers and alliances to expand our reach.

Whether we're working to improve access to care, or providing tools to help drive a healthier and more productive workforce, our actions and vision remain consistent with our core values. As one of the world's most respected health insurance providers, Aetna International has the ability to deliver fully-integrated products, services and programmes to multinational corporations and individuals around the globe.

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Connected healthcare 19 February 2018 Employee healthcare support is about to take huge strides forward, according to Alan Payne, chief information officer at Aetna International. We discuss connected healthcare and how Aetna International is determined to lead the market by taking a consumer-first approach.

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