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African Medical Investments (AMI) is an AIM-listed dedicated private healthcare provider focused on Africa. The company's strategy is focused on capitalising on the continent's demand for quality healthcare, particularly from the emerging middle classes, overseas business and tourists.

African boutique-hospital development

The boutique hospitals which it plans to develop in Maputo, primarily offering trauma care, obstetrics, minor surgery, occupational health and well-woman services, will provide first-world treatment without the overheads associated with large integrated hospitals.

At present AMI's facilities in South Africa include the Johannesburg and Cape Town airport clinics; the trauma centre and well-woman clinic in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania; the trauma centre in Harare, Zimbabwe; and an airport medical and travel vaccination centre in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We are also currently evaluating a further 15 sites across Africa over the next three years, aimed for completion by 2015.

Medical helicopter rescue services in Mozambique

AMI is also introducing medical helicopter rescue services in Mozambique, whereby medical treatment will start the minute the patient is collected and put into the helicopter for transport to the nearest trauma hospital. With Mozambique being so large and possessing companies involved in mining, aluminium, gas and telecommunications, it is vital to have air-emergency assistance as the road infrastructure is at best unreliable and at worst non-existent.

Trauma, travel aviation, deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), occupational health and women's health medicine experience

The company's Zimbabwean-born CEO, Dr Solanki, specialises in trauma, travel aviation, deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), occupational health and women's health medicine. He started his training at the Johannesburg General Hospital trauma units and 'Flight for Life' rescue services between 1988 and 1991, following which he started the first trauma unit in Kempton Park, Johannesburg in 1991.

Since then he has been involved with the development of 12 trauma units, a 150-bed private hospital and a well-woman clinic, and is also the founder of VIP Healthcare Solutions (VIP).

African dedicated boutique hospitals, trauma clinics and well-woman centres

Through its subsidiary VIP, AMI intends to become the leading supplier of dedicated boutique hospitals, trauma clinics and well-woman centres across Africa.

Planning, construction, commissioning and management of medical clinics

VIP's expertise lies in the planning, construction, commissioning and management of medical clinics. Along with Dr Solanki, AMI's chairman (Phil Edmond) and executive director (Andrew Groves) have extensive experience working with and for companies operating in Africa, and they will use their widespread business contacts and knowledge to grow VIP Healthcare.

The company's investment objective is to provide shareholders with an attractive return on their investment, predominantly through capital appreciation generated by the growth of VIP Healthcare.

African airport clinics, trauma centres and well-woman clinics

African Medical Investments' current facilities are:

  • Johannesburg airport clinic in South Africa: six beds and airport services (established 1994)
  • Cape Town airport clinic in South Africa: airport services (established 1994)
  • Harare clinic / trauma centre in Zimbabwe: 16 beds (established 1996)
  • Dar Es Salaam trauma centre in Tanzania: 30 beds (established 2009)
  • Dar Es Salaam well-woman clinic in Tanzania (established 2009)
  • Maputo trauma centre / well-woman clinic in Mozambique: 30 beds (opening in the first quarter of 2010)

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