CustVox Boosts Customer Experience Solution with Apache Hadoop and Improved Big Data Analytic Performance

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by CustVox

CustVox AG, a European leader in Customer Experience Management software solutions, today announced the world's first purpose-built, CEM Analytics Hadoop appliance for structured and unstructured data.

The high performance appliance of Hadoop with CustVox CFM allows the processing of both structured and unstructured data in a single, seamless solution, including the distribution, integration and analysis of Big Data.

Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment.

"Hadoop plays a significant role in the transformation from traditional data warehousing to Big Data Analytics. The commercialization approach for CustVox CFM equipped with Hadoop is to offer a solid base that supports Big Data analysis in Customer Experience Management, while showing customers how Hadoop is an essential real-time analytics tool for the modern enterprise," says Alexander Stefanovich, Director Product Managment, CustVox AG.

CustVox anticipate a strong demand for both several platforms and technical solutions in the Customer Experience field.

"With a vast amount of data available at the individual consumer level, combined with the growth of cloud computing and social networks, CustVox is determined to offer solutions that maximize the potential with Big Data, whether structured or unstructured. There's a time and place for the value that relational databases add to structured data, and there's a time and place for the value Hadoop can provide to unstructured data. Many of our enterprise customers need solutions for both, which is why we are able to provide both and meet their expectations around availability, fault tolerance, and enterprise-class support and service," says Federico Cesconi, CEO, CustVox AG.