CustVox release killer CEM Facebook App: FaceVox Suite Analyzes Social Media Buzz Through Real-Time Analytics

Monday, May 28, 2012 by CustVox

CustVox, the market leader in SaaS cloud base solutions to manage Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer (VOC) analytics, has today announced FaceVox Suite, a new CEM Facebook App which will facilitate the creation of a 360º Customer Experience. The cross channels capability of CustVox enables the easy creation of multi-language surveys that can be distributed across the Web, SMS, Email and Phone.

Facebook is the world's most popular social networking platform, and one which should be seen as a valuable business tool. Traditionally, gleaning actionable business insights from the kind of unstructured Big Data, across multiple channels, which is typical of the kind of information which Facebook can deliver, has been difficult if not impossible. This situation is about to change.

An exciting evolution of the existing CustVox Facebook App, the newly deployed version packs all previous features into a single standard app that can be deployed as part of a unified corporate Facebook strategy.

Key app features include:

  • Feedback - Give customers a voice for their opinions
  • Surveys - Quickly gather the views of the Facebook social community
  • News - Publish and share news and information on the Facebook social networking platform
  • Forum - Post and discuss issues in a forum environment
  • Opinions - Shape, discuss, analyze and influence the opinion of customers

The new FaceVox suite is fully integrated with the CustVox` VOC Hub, which enables the processing of both structured and unstructured data in a single, seamless solution, including the distribution, integration and analysis of Big Data.

The App will also link all Social Data to VOC data from multiple touch points, such as point of sale and call centers, to create a complete 360º customer experience profile, all reported on in real time.

"Are you able to hear the buzz of your customers in the social media environment? To understand and manage the vast amounts of data cleaned through Social Media, you need to implement a platform with broad capabilities. Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) Hub is the only Customer Experience Cloud Solution that we know off, that provides a connected 360 customer view in real-time," says Federico Cesconi, CEO, CustVox AG.