Saskatchewan - A Resource Giant

Saskatchewan has what the world needs: the food, fuel and fertilizer to feed a hungry planet. This prairie province is Canada's second largest oil producer, the world's largest potash producer and supplier of about a fifth of the world's uranium. With about 40% of Canada's farmland, Saskatchewan is a top exporter of wheat, canola, legumes and a growing variety of specialty crops.

This strong and diversified resource base has helped Saskatchewan thrive in challenging economic times. In the past few years, the province has set records for capital investment, GDP and employment growth. In fact, capital investment is projected to reach $20.5bn in 2013.

Saskatchewan investment climate

Saskatchewan has one of the top GDP growth rates in Canada - estimated to reach three percent in 2013 by the Conference Board of Canada. It also has one of the lowest debt-to-GDP levels and one of the highest credit ratings - AAA from Standard & Poor's. International multinationals, including BHP Billiton, AMEC, K+S Group and Hitachi International, are making major investments in the province as a sign of confidence in our economic future.

Research and development in the Canadian province

Almost a third of Canada's agricultural biotechnology sector is located in Saskatchewan, with most companies operating out of Innovation Place research park in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is a world leader in carbon capture and storage, and the provincial power utility - SaskPower - is working with private-sector partners to develop one of the world's first clean-coal power generation pilot projects.

Supply chain investment opportunities

A strong and growing resource sector presents opportunities for equipment and service suppliers, while the number of major infrastructure projects is an attractive business opportunity for the construction sector. There are a number of projects underway, from potash mine development and expansion, to public infrastructure (such as road and hospital) developments.

Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

For more information about opportunities to participate in one of the world's strongest economies, visit or contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy at Investment attraction and sector experts will provide information about investing or setting up a business in the province.

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