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Cat Logistics specialises in providing integrated supply chain solutions that ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time. To do that most effectively, we provide a full range of logistics services to design and execute the right solution and satisfy your business needs.

Our spectrum of services includes supply chain strategy and design, warehouse and operations management, inventory management, transportation management, inbound manufacturing and reverse logistics.

Supply chain strategy and design

Successes in today's business environment demands supply chain strategies that are creative, yet practical and realistic. Cat Logistics leverages its experience in numerous industries to develop achievable supply chain strategies linked to business goals. A supply chain strategy, however, is enabled through powerful design capability.

Cat Logistics puts its tools, technology, and over 80 years of supply chain experience together to turn strategy into reality. Advanced transportation modelling, inventory simulation, facility design tools, and business process engineering are planned and designed together to create the most efficient operating environment for your company.

Today's supply chains are technology intensive. Cat Logistics takes technology and systems design to an executable level. Efficient, well-designed supply chains require advanced technology to support and optimise the solution.

Materials management services

The essence of materials management is in achieving industry-leading customer service by providing the right products to the right place and at the right time while optimising inventory investment. Cat Logistics' experienced staff applies advanced analytics and processes, modelling techniques and technologies, along with extensive supply chain performance monitoring tools, to work with clients to achieve their cost and service objectives.

Cat Logistics manages the inventory replenishment of more than 500,000 stock keeping units for Caterpillar using proven inventory management business processes, advanced analytics, and world-class materials management technology.

Its world-class fill rate to customers in its vast global network of independent dealers is without peer in the automotive and industrial market sectors, and remains as Caterpillar's most significant competitive strength.

Manufacturing logistics

Cat Logistics can quickly assess the efficiency of the customer's supply chain and successfully plan and implement value-added processes to streamline assets, reduce cost, and improve responsiveness.

Caterpillar operates more than 100 manufacturing plants around the world. As a result, we understand the dynamic, time-sensitive, lean manufacturing environment required of a contract logistics provider. We can bring this knowledge and expertise to the customer and can help achieve the kinds of cost reduction and just-in-time manufacturing excellence that it has achieved for its parent, Caterpillar.

Global transportation services

Transportation involves the physical movement of goods through the supply chain by ground, rail, air, and water. Transportation management is a key enabler to improved customer service and generates a significant portion of supply chain costs.

Because of the size and global scope of its parent company, Caterpillar, Cat Logistics is one of the largest users of global transportation services in all different types of delivery modes and maintains valuable relationships with industry-leading carriers of all types. As a result, it has gained the experience and the buying leverage to help its customers achieve lower annual transportation costs while achieving demanding customer service delivery requirements.

Distribution centre management

Cat Logistics provides comprehensive distribution and order fulfilment solutions to efficiently manage material flows and storage requirements, and perform additional value-added services to satisfy virtually any client need.

We are one of the world's largest contract logistics companies with a rich experience in global operations and best practice performance metrics in service parts logistics.

Over the last seventeen years, we have developed a proven track record with customers in reducing current distribution centre operating costs, providing an improved competitive advantage in the distribution channel and creating additional shareholder value through outsourcing.

Reverse logistics

A supply chain is not complete without the efficient management of reverse logistics. Cat Logistics manages the reverse flow of products and materials for the purpose of returns, repair, re-stocks, remanufacture, and/or recycling to increase return on assets.

Cat Logistics manages the regular return of unneeded or excess inventory for not only Caterpillar, but for many of our larger automotive and industrial customers. This capability enhances the overall efficiency of the customer's supply chain and helps improve the loyalty, profitability and strength of the customer's dealer network.

Communications and order management system

Communications that help inform customers on product availability and order status is key to building strong business relationships and providing superior customer satisfaction. Order management includes the capture, tracking and billing of customers' orders for products.

Cat Logistics manages one of the world's finest product support organisations in the world for Caterpillar. The cornerstone of this successful business model has been built around its world-class customer order management system.

This system allows the complete execution of supply chain visibility and order fulfilment synchronised throughout 25 different global distribution centres in a continuous 24/7 environment.

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