GAIN - An Alliance to Fight Malnutrition

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), headquartered in Geneva, is an alliance driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN has more than 50 employees worldwide, and offices in China, India, Egypt and South Africa.

Improving nutrition of the most vulnerable

GAIN was created in 2002 at a special session of the UN General Assembly on Children. Its mission is to reduce malnutrition through food fortification and other sustainable strategies aimed at improving the health and nutrition of populations at risk, particularly women and children. GAIN is a Swiss foundation and receives funding from a number of donors in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Programs to deliver healthier foods

GAIN mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver healthier foods and supplements to those people most at risk of malnutrition. Projects within its Nutrition Program in 26 countries worldwide fortify staple foods, condiments and complementary foods with essential vitamins and minerals. The program is currently improving the lives of over 200 million people. Our goal is to reach one billion people.

The program emphasizes market-based approaches; program areas include national food fortification, universal salt iodization, infant and young child nutrition, and nutrition and infectious diseases. Partners working with GAIN to implement its programs include businesses, non-governmental organizations, UN organizations, civil society organizations and national governments.

Procurement and certification of premix - vitamins and minerals for staple foods

All GAIN programs are supported by the GAIN premix facility (GPF). GPF provides services related to the procurement and certification of premix (a commercially prepared blend of vitamins and minerals used to fortify staple foods) for food fortification projects around the world.

Partnerships to mobilize resources for nutrition

The fight against malnutrition also demands a significant increase in funding from current levels of investment. GAIN, through its innovative finance program, is committed to pioneering new innovations in financing structures to attract capital to address malnutrition.

The GAIN Business Alliance (BA), chaired by Unilever, is an alliance of member companies engaged in the fight against malnutrition. The BA serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and partnership building to drive market-based solutions to addressing malnutrition worldwide. Through it, companies and others share best practices and lessons learned on subjects such as sustainable business models and access to the base of the pyramid.

The dues-paying members of the BA are committed to reducing global malnutrition through the delivery of affordable, high-quality fortified food products to populations suffering from malnutrition. GAIN BA members include Ajinomoto, AkzoNobel, Britannia, Cargill, Danone, DSM, Firmenich, Fortitech, Mars, Pepsi, Tetra Pak and Unilever.

Measuring performance

The Performance, Measurement and Research Program tracks the progress and performance of our projects. It uses a comprehensive performance measurement framework that sets out clear, specific targets: the reach of GAIN's programs; expected reductions in the prevalence of vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and public as well as private sector commitment to GAIN's programs are among them.

GAIN's partners must show they can contribute to achieving these targets. In addition, the Program conducts research to fill the knowledge gaps in the field of nutrition, food fortification and micronutrients.

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