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SEVEN Collaborative Solutions (SEVEN) is a business process and change management consultancy specialising in delivering supply chain excellence. We help our clients to ‘get control’ and realise the full potential of their investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP. We do this by aligning activities to strategic goals, educating and empowering people, clarifying roles and developing integrated processes and measures to create superior supply chain performance.

Superior organisational and supply chain performance - 7 key elements

SEVEN is passionate about helping organisations gain control of their Supply Chain and maximise return on investment (ROI) from their existing ERP solution. These SEVEN key elements are integral to our unique 'strategy to execution' approach. This approach spans people, process, technology and data and enables foundations for greatness:

  • Strategy - helping to define and achieve supply chain goals that are aligned to business strategy with roadmaps to get you there
  • Education - developing educated, well trained, inspired and empowered 'T-shaped' people
  • Process - designing integrated world class processes that are governed, fit for purpose and compliant
  • Technology - optimising technology to enable superior supply chain performance
  • Data - designing processes and defining roles that ensure timely, accurate and complete data that is appropriately managed
  • Metrics - creating aligned metrics that link operational performance with strategic direction
  • Continuous Improvement - building a culture of continuous improvement where people execute their most important goals with 'true urgency'

ERP supply chain, business process and change management

SEVEN has a unique combination of skills, experience, tools and techniques to close the traditional ‘execution gap’, that exists between strategic high level thought leading consultants and functional SAP consultants. We ensure business strategy is linked to operational execution, creating competitive advantage for our clients.

We typically engage multiple levels within organisations offering clients management consultancy, functional SAP technical skill, process expertise, accredited education, training and change management with value to the customer as our focus.

Our unique blend of skills and knowledge enables us to help clients create efficient and effective ERP enabled supply chains and develop high performing teams that focus on the most important goals to deliver sustained business improvement and tangible ROI.

SEVEN believe superior process performance and cutting edge technology are not enough to deliver strategic goals. We help clients unleash the capabilities of their people to do the right things, first time, every time – supported by aligned and integrated metrics that inspire a culture of success.

“The most valuable asset of at 21st Century institution, whether business or non-business, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.” Peter Drucker

Seven – helping you develop foundations for greatness.

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