Roadwork Alerts Service Launched in the UK

Monday, February 20, 2012 by ELGIN

UK roadworks information company Elgin has launched a new mobile service to provide advance warning of local roadworks to councillors and parish communities in the UK.

Roadwork Alerts, a new service from Elgin's website, provides roadwork updates to mobile phones or as automated feeds to websites.

The service publishes the latest roadwork information on a live map to help reduce traffic jams and co-ordinate works planning among telephone, water and energy utilities.

Warrington borough councillor Robert Barr said that councils need to help drivers avoid delays due to unexpected roadworks.

"Roadwork Alerts can help avoid the waste of time that congestion causes and will help councillors keep track of the effect of maintenance and repairs on the roads," Barr said.

Warwickshire county communications manager Jane Inman said the service would help to bring up-to-date information to the parish level.

"We have 220 parishes - by our syndicating roadworks data through Roadworks Alerts, local citizens get information about roadworks direct from our Streetworks Register, thus encouraging both ourselves and Utilities and their contractors to keep the information up to date," Inman said. incorporates data from subscribing local authorities, the UK Highways Agency and Transport for London.

The website provides free, real-time roadwork information from more than 80 local authorities, as well as motorways and trunk routes in England and Wales.

Elgin chairman Shane O'Neill said that more than 55% of England and Wales is currently covered by the service.

"By making the data available in intelligent format to innovative applications developers, sponsoring local authorities are also helping to drive the nation's growth strategy by encouraging enterprise," O'Neill added.

Elgin is a new company dedicated to creating an independent, nationwide local roadworks service and fulfilling the UK government's Open Data objectives in 2012.

The company redistributes public sector information under the UK's Open Government Licence.