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Exigen® Services is an application development outsourcing provider. It is a recognized expert with advanced application development methods such as Agile, and combines world-class skills, commercial terms and industry experience to mitigate risk for large IT projects.

Custom software for business-critical IT processes

The company develops custom software to support business-critical IT processes. Businesses rely on Exigen Services for global delivery and scale, application and architecture review, component-based development, enterprise application integration and migration, legacy application transformation and legacy rejuvenation, testing and quality assurance (QA), service-oriented architecture (SOA) development and deployment, application maintenance and more.

Governance, communication and metrics for IT projects

Exigen Services is a recognized expert with the Agile development methodology, able to provide governance, communication and metrics to ensure on-time delivery and reduce IT project risk, while remaining flexible and responsive to change. Exigen Services has successfully completed hundreds of projects using its unique, distributed Agile outsourcing model.

IT-project management and risk-reduction software

Exigen Services created a unique engagement model called Flex-agility that combines the flexibility of Agile application development methods with the low-risk benefits of fixed-price contract structures, and provides the greatest risk-reduction possible for IT projects.

Flex-agility blends best practices from more than 100 offshore Agile projects, and uses the rapid development iterations of Agile to deliver applications on-time and within budget. Flex-agility allows Exigen Services to align closely with clients and re-prioritize project intentions based on business goals to deliver only the highest value application functions.

Flex-agility projects often achieve their business objectives earlier than projects managed using traditional methodologies. Businesses further reduce risk with the option of early project completion if a project's application functions are deemed complete midway through the project.

Analysis, upgrading, replacing, augmenting and rationalization of software

Exigen Services has been providing comprehensive legacy transformation solutions to enterprises for more than a decade. The company helps enterprises analyze and rationalize their software portfolios, while using business objectives to develop the best approach to upgrading, replacing or augmenting existing infrastructure. Exigen Services offers a tiered service offering called Legacy Rejuvenation to extend legacy IT systems and protect existing investments.

Replacement of entire legacy applications

The Legacy Rejuvenation service provides a cost-effective option to replacing entire legacy applications by streamlining and strengthening existing code, and provides a framework for state-of-the-art quality assurance (QA) and testing procedures.

Service-oriented architectures

Service-oriented architectures (SOA) enable organizations to respond faster to changing demands in the marketplace, lowering operational cost and reducing risk. Exigen Services leverages deep experience with technologies like Java, .NET, SQL and WebLogic to create applications and architectures to help clients meet increasing demands from their customers for advanced services.

The company has developed SOA for various industries, including telecommunications, banking and healthcare.

About Exigen Services

Since 2000, Exigen Services has been the global leader in the use of distributed Agile methods for rapid and precise application development. Exigen Services has helped businesses solve some of the most complex IT challenges throughout the banking/insurance/brokerage, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government and media industries.

Clients range from Fortune 500 organizations to mid-sized growth companies including Sun Microsystems, CSC, Universal Music Group, Standard & Poor's, T-Mobile, AXA, Westpac Bank and many others.

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