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Nuance provides natural language speech recognition, voice authentication and mobile technologies to help organisations around the world to reduce cost of service, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by automating call centre interactions.

Speech recognition technology for contact centres

Nuance's speech recognition technology enables customers to benefit from simpler and more efficient call-handling whilst also making it easier for contact centre agents to do their jobs and organisations to reduce their service costs.

Using speech recognition technology, callers serve themselves on the phone and eliminate those annoying waiting times. This reduces the number of standard queries going to contact centre agents, meaning they can focus on the more complex and challenging calls - as a result there is much better staff motivation and retention.

Contact centre automation systems

Only 30% of enquirers use mobile platforms, websites, chat or email for customer service. The overwhelming majority of customer interactions will continue to take place over the phone.

30% to 35% of calls coming into the average contact centre are unnecessary repeat customer calls. Independent research shows that it is three times more expensive for a contact centre agent to resolve an enquiry than using speech recognition technology.

A call centre receiving 12 million calls per year, costing £2.50 per call, could save £13m per year with Nuance contact centre automation solutions.

Voice-guided call steering, voice verification and voice self-service

Nuance offers voice-guided call steering which lets customers say what they're calling about in their own words. Using speech recognition, the system is able to understand what the customer wants and route them to the right destination quickly and efficiently.

Nuance voice verification then verifies the caller using speech recognition or voice biometrics, a technology designed to compare a voice sample with a stored, digital voice print.

Nuance voice self-service lets customers serve themselves and complete tasks such as checking their account balance, locating a branch, or confirming a payment has been made. This means customers don't have to wait for an agent, resulting in agents being freed up to concentrate on more complex calls.

Proactive outbound notifications for contact centres

Inbound calls are costly and time-consuming to your contact centre. Using Nuance proactive outbound notifications to deliver personalised, relevant information, organisations can reduce avoidable calls.

When a customer calls in from a mobile phone, Nuance's mobile self-service can intercept that call and present the customer with an intuitive, on-screen interface of typical service tasks so they can serve themselves.

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