Sodexo Remote Sites Teams up with Planon to Boost Client Value

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 by Planon

To enhance the quality and reactivity of its remote-site business operations, Sodexo recently joined forces with Planon, a leading provider of integrated workplace management solutions.

As a world leader in quality of daily life solutions, Sodexo helps organisations work smarter and more productively while taking care of their people. The group's services generate value for 1,260 remote sites worldwide, including offshore drilling rigs, mining camps and many others.

"Both Sodexo and Planon pursue the mission to enhance business and client value by offering reliable and efficient solutions. In view of this common approach, our partnership with Sodexo is a natural collaboration," says Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon.

Because of the nature and complexity of these global activities, Sodexo saw the benefits of implementing a new state-of-the-art maintenance management system. Which meant choosing a partner with the experience and know-how to make it a success. Planon was the ideal choice.

After a thorough review of Sodexo's systems, the decision was made to employ Planon's innovative maintenance management solution, offering Sodexo improved control, excellent communication and higher quality reporting at its clients' sites. The solution supports everything from stock and maintenance management to work-order control and helpdesk service. Moreover, depending on the needs, it can be extended with various modules such as energy control, fleet management and security. The possibilities are virtually endless.

But the biggest winners are Sodexo's clients. In addition to boosting efficiency, Sodexo has been able to customise the system to map out all the best practices acquired over the past decades. Soon, any team, anywhere in the world, will be able to access all the expertise and support it provides.

"We have a clear strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition," explains Pascal Milland, vice president of facilities management services for Sodexo. "Planon enables us to bring innovation to our processes while delivering greater performance and reactivity to our clients and, ultimately, the best value for their money."