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SBC Systems is a global leader in employee benefits technology with over 30 years' experience in developing 'best of breed' reward and employee benefits management solutions. Our aim is to deliver solutions, which empower management to manage by providing tailored solutions that incorporate the most advanced technology.

Our specialist reward administration software has the unique capability to meet client requirements across all types of benefits, including pensions, and can be fully integrated with existing company technologies and databases. SBC supplies scalable solutions to some of the world's most demanding organisations, operating in different countries and adhering to various local specifications.

The SBC Systems platform has been implemented globally in industry sectors including insurance, banking, pensions, health, media, defence, energy and outsourcing. Major company clients include RSA, LloydsTSB, Lloyd's of London, Mercer HR (US), The Mayo Clinic, the US Department of Defence, the Episcopalian Church Pension Group, Amgen, and Equiniti. Currently, 1.2 million employees are using SBC's solutions.

While our clients tend to be larger companies with typically over 10,000 staff, we also work with smaller clients who want to secure greater value from their benefits through more sophisticated management systems. Outsourcers take our platform to provide services to their clients, large or small, and we partner with benefit consultancies when services beyond our technology are required.

Powerful platform for the delivery and management of benefits

SBC's Lifeworks system is a software platform that manages the full range of pension and benefit administration for employees, administrators, managers and third parties. This self-service solution empowers participants to manage their own benefits, while integrating with outside vendors and linking your benefits, HR, accounting and payroll departments.

This all-in-one system brings all of your benefits onto a single platform for easy benefits administration, and manager/employee self-service. Lifeworks features a fully-reconfigurable rules engine, making it perfect for large and complex benefit programmes, while offering seamless integration with internal client and third-party systems.

Additionally, every benefits data element is individually stored for comprehensive reporting and analysis, enabling supreme management control. Our software can be delivered as a hosted, in-house, outsourced, or managed benefits solution with multi-country capability.

All-in-one software for wealth tracking, tax modeling and pension auto-enrolment

SBC's Lifeworks software platform offers combined TRS, flex, wealth tracking, benefits administration, pension administration and tax modelling. Extensive functionality is provided from a single platform to engage employees, empower managers, and enable administrators to work effectively. This package also boasts accessible and exportable databases for analysis and reporting, as well as full auditing capability.

Lifeworks software is future-proof and offers a powerful rules engine, capable of implementing company policies, government regulations, calculations and workflow relating to any reward element added to base pay, in any currency and with 'effective dating', for any number of employees.

Secure front-end software platform for easy integration

A style-neutral front-end design with 'blank page' capability enables the system to incorporate any organisation's own screen protocols and branding, in multiple languages. It fully supports the end-to-end automation of any reward administration or related self-service process, and is also provided as a hosted, in-house, outsourced, or managed benefits solution.

Built to handle multi-unit business structures with multiple benefit programmes, units may be added, divested or merged within a single integrated solution.

Partnering with clients to build management software solutions

Building an effective technology solution to meet our clients' specific requirements requires us to work in close partnership to fully understand each client's wider business and management goals. We go to great lengths to ensure we achieve this.

Ian Templeman, head of Total Reward, RSA, says: "We soon realised our relationship with SBC Systems extended far beyond the technology, and also included understanding our processes, our data, and our people. Working with SBC has shown they are the leader in HR system services."

SBC Systems is committed to delivering technology excellence and continuously invests in the further development of our Lifeworks platform. We are proud of our loyal customer base, with most of our clients having continued with us, some right from the founding of SBC over 30 years ago. Our focus continues to be on the delivery of the cutting-edge benefits solutions they need to meet the challenges of the future.

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SBC Case Study: Insurance 08 November 2011 Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) has operations in 28 countries and provides insurance products and services in over 130 countries. Worldwide the group has 20 million customers and employs 21,000 people.


SBC Case Study: Outsourcer 07 November 2011 Equiniti is the market leader in share registration services and employee share plan administration in the UK. The company wanted a flexible and powerful employee benefits solution to integrate into its suite of HR-related outsourced services.


SBC Case Study: Biotechnology 04 November 2011 SBC Systems has provided solutions to many businesses, including a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry. For more than 25 years, the company has tapped the power of scientific discovery and innovation to advance the practice of medicine.


SBC Case Study: Utilities Co-Op Organisation 02 November 2011 An American based service organisation dedicated to representing the national interests of cooperative electric utilities and the consumers they serve. Specifically they provide benefit administration services to the members.

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