Contributor: Chris Bowden

Chris Bowden, Chief Executive Officer, Utilyx

Chris Bowden

Chris Bowden founded Utilyx in March 2000. His background gives him extensive knowledge of the utilities sector. As a senior derivatives trader within Scandic Energy, one of the world's first electricity trading companies, he was responsible for shaping the company's derivatives business.

Previously, Chris was vice president, senior marketer at Merrill Lynch International. He was responsible for marketing risk management products to natural resource-based companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He advised several large utility companies on the structure of electricity contracts.

His utilities experience is supplemented by an in-depth knowledge of risk management and finance, having started his career at N.M.Rothschild & Sons Ltd, where he worked in the treasury department. His roles included manager of debt markets and derivatives trading. In this position, he focused on natural resources, especially mining and precious metals.

Chris has also been chair of the Gold Fix, one of the oldest auction markets in the world. He was first exposed to the electricity market and the privatisation of the UK industry while at N.M.Rothschild. The company acted for the UK government throughout the electricity privatisation process.

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