Contributor: Dr D J Brown

Dr D J Brown, BMedSci BM BS, MA

Dr D J Brown

In 1999 Dr D J Brown left his job as a doctor in the NHS to develop a career as an implementation consultant, focusing on helping people change the way they worked. He learned how creating the right culture can transform the results that an organisation can deliver.

After a few years he returned to work as a doctor in the NHS, but found within it all of the things he'd been working against in industry – poor leadership, process and systems that didn't work, unbalanced targets and a lack of understanding of how people are motivated to do a good job.

The experience inspired him to write The Meaning of Careful, which draws on 12 years of work as both a doctor and a results-focused implementation consultant.

All Part of The Process
Improvements in process can deliver the efficiencies demanded by today's economic climate. That's the view of Dr D J Brown, who in this extract from his book The Meaning of Careful,...