Contributor: Dr Karen Blakeley

Dr Karen Blakeley, Cass Business School Centre for Leadership Learning & Change, Deputy Director

Dr Karen Blakeley

Karen Blakeley is a director of Waverley Learning, a leading organisational development company and also assistant director of the Centre for Leadership, Learning and Change at Cass Business School.

She works with leaders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors specialising in individual and team coaching. Karen is interested in how to accelerate learning in times of change and uncertainty, particularly with regards to leaders.

She has a doctorate looking at how leaders learn during periods of rapid change, and has appeared on television and in the press. She also regularly presents at conferences in the area of leadership learning. She has just published her first book: Leadership Blind Spots and What to Do About Them.

Leaders, Blind Spots and Learning
We all have blind spots, they are part of the human condition, but when leaders have them it matters. Karen Blakeley explains how the more power a person wields, the more lives are affected...