Contributor: Gerald Bradley

Gerald Bradley, Chairman, Sigma

Gerald Bradley

Gerald Bradley has been pioneering and developing the thinking on benefit realisation for 20 years.

He founded Sigma as a consultancy and training organisation to focus exclusively on benefit realisation management. During the past 20 years the company has had the opportunity to develop and refine the concepts and the practicalities of benefit realisation, through application to a wide variety of large projects and programmes for major organisations from both public and private sectors.

Gerald's ideas and experience have had considerable impact on both business and academic thinking and he is now regarded as one of the leading experts in the field.

Benefit Realisation Management (BRM)
The process of Benefit Realisation Management (BRM) has been pioneered over the last 20 years. Gerald Bradley, Chairman of Sigma, explains why more CEOs are turning to BRM as a method to succeed...