Contributor: Helen Rosethorn

Helen Rosethorn, CEO, Bernard Hodes Group

Helen Rosethorn

A pioneer of employer branding practice in the UK, Helen Rosethorn is CEO of the Bernard Hodes Group. After successfully integrating the group into the Omnicom network a decade ago, she has built it into one of the UK's leading employment marketing and talent specialists.

An MBA at Bradford Management School crystallised Helen's long-standing interest in the people dimension and cultural dynamics of organisational success. It was here that Hodes' distinctive approach to employer branding had its origins. Developed and refined during more than10 years' practice with blue-chip clients, including GSK, Philips and Nokia, the Hodes' model examines the unwritten deal between employers and employees.

A member of Hodes' Global Network Executive Board, Rosethorn is also a principal HR/brand strategy consultant on talent, branding, engagement and communications projects. She speaks and writes widely about all these issues.

It is her great hope that the next few years will see more people at CEO level actively engage in the employer brand debate.

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