Contributor: Ian Macdonald

Ian Macdonald, Macdonald Associates Consultancy,

Ian Macdonald

Ian is a chartered psychologist previously based at Brunel University and who now leads Macdonald Associates Consultancy. He graduated with honours in psychology from Brunel in 1972 after spending periods of work as a commodity-broker in New York, a trainee therapist in a therapeutic community in London and assistant to an educational psychologist in a child guidance clinic in Aylesbury.

Over the past 20 years he has worked for a range of organisations in Australasia, North America, Africa, Russia and the UK contributing to major organisational change and, in a number of cases, new ways of understanding and managing relationships in the workplace.

In addition to commercial work he has worked with not-for-profit organisations such as churches, schools, universities and development agencies and with indigenous communities developing cross-cultural initiatives. He continues his interest in developing ideas from his doctoral thesis: 'the importance of the recognition of work in the development of identity' and maintains academic links at Brunel University and several international business schools.

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