Contributor: Josefine van Zanten

Josefine van Zanten, Culture and Diversity Director (EMEA), Hewlett Packard

Josefine van Zanten

Josefine van Zanten is the EMEA Diversity and Inclusion Director. In this role, she is responsible for working with the extended EMEA senior leadership team to drive diversity and inclusion forward in the region.

Her role includes working inside HP with the Business Units and the countries, as well as participating on the external circuit to represent HP in diversity-related activities.

During 2005, the main focus of Josefine and her extended team was the ongoing design, implementation and follow up, as well as benchmarking, of Diversity and Inclusion programs focused on women in management, disability and age. Her recent successes in this role include, among others, the nomination and implementation of more than 20 country and business Diversity and Inclusion champions and their D&I action plans, the launching of yearly 'women @ HP' events with special focus on developing top talents, and a substantial increase of internal awareness and communication around this important topic.

Josefine joined HP in 1996, where she held various business roles in marketing, communication and total customer experience in both the support and sales environments. Her various roles extended over EMEA as well as the WW region.

Josefine has prior experience in logistics, procurement and sales, including at Philip-Morris Switzerland and Pitney-Bowes Inc, US.

She speaks fluent Dutch, German, French and English. She holds a BA from Portland State University, Oregon, and an MBA from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Josefine is the mother of one daughter and one son and lives in Switzerland. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking and taking long mountain hikes.

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