Contributor: Ric Marshall

Ric Marshall, Founding Principal, The Corporate Library (TCL)

Ric Marshall

Ric Marshall is a founding principal of The Corporate Library with Nell Minow, Robert AG Monks and Richard A Bennett, who is the CEO. As chief analyst for TCL, Marshall is responsible for guiding the firm's research and company rating activities and for advancing its products and research expertise into previously unexplored areas of corporate governance and governance related risk.

He has been involved with corporate governance research full-time since 1996. Before founding TCL he was CIO of Lens Investment Management and worked with the firm's UK partner, the Hermes Focus Fund (formerly Hermes Lens). Previously, he worked in computer consulting and computer-based graphic design, and worked as a consultant for TCL's predecessors, Lens Investment Management and Institutional Shareholder Services, in 1989.

In Your Best Defence
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