Contributor: Vladimir Kokorev

Vladimir Kokorev, Former Diplomat and Author

Vladimir Kokorev

Having obtained a degree from the Linguistic University, in the 1970s Kokorev worked as a translator at the USSR Embassy in Cuba. In the late 1970s to 80s, he was a secretary in the USSR Embassy in Angola, followed by a stint at the embassy in Mozambique. He also acted as a diplomatic missionary in over 20 countries, spanning Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

He received his PhD in the study of the history of relationships between Africa and South America, and worked at the Institute of African Studies of the Soviet Academy of Science, later being made the director of their Centre of International Issues and Strategic Studies.

In the 1990s, Vladimir moved into the African business sector, based mainly in Equatorial Guinea. He embarked on several business ventures, and also founded several companies dedicated to constructing and maintaining transport and fishing vessels.

He has previously published around 100 articles in titles including: Asia and Africa Today, Modern History, New Time and The Echo of the Planet.

During his academic period, he also authored several books.

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