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Education, Research and Development in Canton Aargau

08 January 2013 by Aargau Services

Canton Aargau is home to numerous renowned research institutions. Many of the leading Swiss institutions of higher learning are nearby. They work jointly with businesses on research and development projects and support innovation.

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland makes sure that innovation is supported with its colleges of technology, business, architecture, life sciences, psychology, social work and design.

The nearby centres of Zurich and Basel are also home to internationally renowned universities. The wages in Canton Aargau average about ten percent less than in the cities of Zurich or Basel.

The lower cost of living means that employees actually have higher real incomes. You profit from short distances to renowned educational and training centres and from the high number of qualified experts and well educated research and development staff.

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  • Education, Research and Development in Canton Aargau