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ICT Industry: the Choice of Location – an Important Success Factor

08 January 2013 by Aargau Services

Canton Aargau provides the perfect conditions for ICT operations, such as:

  • Eight percent of all employees in Aargau work in the ICT sector (CH: six percent)
  • Leading research centres in the region
  • Most modern data centre with attractive rental office areas
  • Dense fibre optic network of various carriers
  • Technopark® Aargau in Windisch with services for ICT start-ups
  • Excellent technical infrastructure
  • Advantageous data protection legislation, legal security and stability

If you choose Canton Aargau you will find:

  • A large potential customer base thanks to the central location in Europe (40% of the Swiss GDP within one hour's drive)
  • Availability of highly motivated and well-trained workers
  • Reasonable energy prices and security of supply
  • Maximum mobility thanks to regional, national and international traffic networks
  • A business-friendly government
  • High standard of living and housing
  • Approximately 1,500 ICT companies, including Open Text, Oracle, CGI/Logica, BSI Business Systems Integration, Mobixell/724 Solutions, Varian, Siemens, GlassHouse Technologies, Steffen Informatik and more

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  • ICT Industry: the Choice of Location – an Important Success Factor